If you’re someone who likes to travel, the past year of limited travel opportunities due to COVID has had you climbing the walls. With travel restrictions easing up, more and more people are looking to (finally!) book their dream vacations. Meaning travel deal websites like Priceline.com are now in ultra-high demand.

With a surge of website visitors, it’s important to be able to move customers through the process of booking a vacation as quickly as possible. This calls for super-fast performance as well as the ability to quickly spin up new cloud resources as needed. In order to provide a great customer experience, Priceline decided to move some of its workloads from an on-premises data center to the cloud. The cloud gives Priceline greater flexibility to deploy new code quickly and spin up infrastructure faster without the overhead of maintaining on-prem infrastructure.

The only problem? Priceline needed a way to keep its cloud budget in check while getting the fastest performance possible.

Which is where Silk came in. The Silk Platform sits between Priceline’s workloads and the underlying cloud infrastructure. By separating the two, Silk is able to deliver up to 10x faster performance compared to native cloud alone… all without changing a thing about Priceline’s environment.

With Silk, Priceline saw a significant increase in performance. This boost made it possible for the team at Priceline to cut back on overprovisioning cloud resources to achieve the desired level of performance they needed. In turn, this helped reduce their cloud spend.

Check out the video below to hear more about Priceline’s story straight from Sr Director of Infrastructure, Frank Magaletta. Want to learn here? Click here to get the full inside scoop.