As more companies continue to adopt a cloud-first strategy or are born in the cloud, relational databases, such as MongoDB, are being leveraged in the cloud as well. But the grass is not always greener on the other side. Users who have previous experience with these databases on prem will find that the maxed-out performance on the cloud leaves much to be desired, while the capacity-performance pricing model can leave you with capacity you don’t need. Because of this, recent cloud adopters have sticker shock when their cloud bill is much higher than expected… and they haven’t even been getting the results they wanted.

One Company’s Story 

One born-in-the-cloud analytics company was experiencing this exact performance issue. It was running two MongoDB environments for Production and Analytics workloads on GCP. Given the complexity of its databases, in order to achieve the level of performance it needed, the company was running multiple copies of the entire database 24/7. Which meant they were experiencing some super expensive overprovisioning!

The company was seeing significant growth and knew that its current infrastructure wasn’t sustainable. It needed a scalable solution that offered high performance at a much lower price point.

Introducing the Silk Cloud Data Platform on GCP

The Silk Cloud Data Platform was the perfect solution. Silk decouples data from the underlying cloud infrastructure, allowing companies to take advantage of Silk’s dramatically improved performance versus native cloud alone. And with Tier 1 data services, such as real-time data reduction, thin provision, and zero-footprint clones, Silk makes the management of data easier and much more cost-efficient.

So what did this mean for the analytics company?

2x greater performance and a 70% cost savings.

Silk reduced the number of resources being used by consolidating data replicas – an 80% reduction in capacity. By decoupling the compute engine configuration from the storage configuration, the team was also able to reduce the number of vCPU for each MongoDB server by 50%.  Integrating Silk’s snapshot technology also gave them the flexibility to quickly spin up new analytics environments as needed and then quickly shut them down when not in use, the company eliminated the need to run servers 24/7 – a 30% cost reduction alone.

With Silk, the promise of the cloud can still be attainable for complex, high performance, mission-critical applications. You can get the high performance you need at a cost that won’t blow your budget.

Dying to know how we do it? Download our architecture whitepaper and see how Silk makes it possible to spend less and cloud more.