Attention Shoppers: Please Don’t Abandon Your Carts

The cloud has brought retailers the ability to provide great customer experiences with major upgrades in store fronts, shopping carts, targeted ads and massively improved fulfillment—these have been enabled by improved analytics to adjust rapidly to buying trends, better database tools with AI/ML powered real-time inventory management, and front ends designed primarily to support edge computing for vastly improved real-time mobile experience. However, even newer technologies are coming online now that require even heavier dataflows, workload support, edge agility, load balancing and even more powerful AI/ML based analytics that has to happen in real or near real-time.  But enabling the mission-critical heavy data workloads that power these new features can be a major challenge.

In this episode of “Getting Loud About the Cloud”, we’ll look at some of these advances and how it IS possible to move and run large, time sensitive, complex workloads in the cloud while delivering the ultra fast responsiveness that shoppers demand.

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