Your Database Needs Supercharging in the Cloud

Never settle on performance. Supercharge your mission-critical databases.

Take Control of Your Database Performance

Ultra-High Performance and Scale Run any workload on the cloud without the fear of a slow experience
Resiliency and High-Availability Protect your data from any hiccups or malfunctions the cloud throws at you
Optimize on the fly with enterprise data services such as deduplication and zero-footprint clones
“I would recommend Silk to other companies because of the manageability and performance it provides. It reduces the costs and resources [being paid for] by your engineering team. Silk is a game changer for Priceline.”
Frank Magaletta | Sr. Director of Infrastructure

Your Database in the Cloud Supercharged!

Ultra-High Performance Run 10x faster and shorten run-time
Dynamic Performance Support constantly changing workloads
Performance Consistency Avoid inconsistency and performance degradations
Shared Performance Avoid waste of IOPS provisioning
Manage Multiple Clouds in One Place
Make sure your database is always-on
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