Silk Cloud Database as a Service (DBaaS)

Flexible as IaaS. Easy as PaaS. Expert DBAs.

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Why Silk?

Accelerated Performance

Get the fastest performance ever on native cloud. Silk breaks the typical performance/capacity algorithm so you can get speeds you need without paying for cloud resources you don’t want.

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Cloud Costs

We don’t want you to spend a cent more than you have to for your cloud resources. Silk consolidates workloads and right-sizes compute VMs to eliminate oversizing and unnecessary cloud spend.

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Data Lifecycle Management

Rest easy knowing Silk has your back! Our self-healing, active-active architecture means you can proactively avoid disruptions while our zero-footprint snapshots give you the additional backup that you need without a performance or cost penalty.

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Increase agility with Silk Cloud DBaaS and your application teams

Give your teams the ability to easily and quickly deploy the resources they need.

Then let Silk’s expert DBAs manage and optimize your workloads for you.

Step 1

Adopt existing or deploy new DB into Silk DBaaS (can automate with UI/API)

Step 2

Protect Your Data


AZ - 1


AZ - 2


Region 2

Step 3

Our DBAs manage, monitor, and optimize your databases

24/7/365 Support
Performance Tuning
OS & DB Patching
Event Monitoring
And More

Step 4

Easily use your data throughout your environment



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Silk Cloud Data Platform

Silk’s virtualization platform sits between the cloud storage infrastructure and cloud databases. Utilizing a shared-compute pool, Silk provides accelerated performance with resource efficiency.

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Interactive Demo


With our interactive demo, you can explore the platform and see how easy it is to integrate into your cloud stack and start getting the performance you need!

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