Run Your Cloud Database
Much Faster While Reducing Costs

With Silk's Data Virtualization Platform

SimCorp Accelerates Customer Adoption of SaaS Platform with Silk


Silk Data Virtualization Platform

Silk’s virtualization platform sits between the cloud storage infrastructure and cloud databases. Utilizing a shared-compute pool, Silk provides accelerated performance with resource efficiency.

Extreme Performance
Accelerate exponentially with Silk’s DB Virtualization Layer
Improved Cost Efficiency
Cut costs on Database Licenses, CPUs and Storage

Data Professionals

  • Significantly faster performance for mission-critical transaction, analytics, and mixed workloads
  • Optimize data resources so you only pay for what you need
  • Get more from your database with far less manual effort

Business Leaders

  • De-risk the transition of mission-critical applications to the cloud
  • Accelerate cloud transformation without linear cost increases
  • Application-independent, database-independent, and cloud-independent for a future proofed strategy

IT Professionals

  • Deliver the performance your users are asking for without excess complexity and cost
  • Ensure availability and resiliency
    Get “more 9’s” without more infrastructure
  • Seamless deployment and management

Cloud Performance

  • Dynamic database block sizing delivers much faster performance for transaction, analytical, or mixed workloads
  • 2-tier virtualization uniquely decouples performance from capacity for super linear scale in the cloud
  • Patented shared-datastore architecture optimizes database and application responsiveness

Cloud Cost Optimization

  • Patented shared-datastore architecture supports multiple applications and databases on the same physical storage
  • Adaptive database block size delivers super linear scale so your performance scales faster than your infrastructure cost
  • Real-time data reduction continuously optimizes storage footprint to eliminate over provisioning

Security, Availability, and Automation

  • Self-healing with integrated device monitoring for increased system availability
  • Patented zero-footprint snapshots provide automatic archival and rapid recovery
  • Automatically optimize storage and compute for maximum database performance without continuous 
tuning and reconfiguration

Watch and Learn

Cloud As It Should Be

Get the cloud flexibility you want, with all the performance and efficiency your databases need.

“On native cloud, we were seeing a maximum speed of 1.6MB/s. But with Silk on cloud, we saw 400MB/s. That increase in speed really is incredible!”

David Duncan, Principal Solutions Engineer, Soccour Solutions

Dramatically Speed Up Your Cloud Data Performance

Turn your databases into cloud powerhouses.

“When we put multiple institutions on a single SQL instillation, we could run much faster and deliver reports 10-20 times faster. Silk saved us speed. Ultimately, I’m talking 30x savings since we were able to eliminate manpower. Plus, our users are much happier since they get their reports days earlier than before. I think everyone was a winner.”

Slavek Rotkiewicz, President and Founder, TPG Software

Keep Your Data
Lean and Mean

With real-time data reduction, thin-provisioning, and zero-footprint clones, you cut cloud costs.

“We had application performance issues that needed to be solved quickly. Silk did that and gave us fast speed improvement. They also did it at a lower cost, in a smaller footprint, using less energy. The platform includes dedup, compression, and encryption with no performance impact. It’s a complete package that made Silk an easy purchase decision.”

Eric Nilsson, CTO, SSI

Set Your Cloud
Data Free

Hop from one cloud to another or from on-prem to the cloud and back again.

“We chose Silk because it supports our data center strategy. We gain tremendous value from Silk’s scalability model. Now we can continue to grow capacity while ensuring consistent sub-1MS latency without ever doing a forklift upgrade. That’s an immense advantage.”

Yaron Weiss, VP IT Operations, Payoneer

Unmatched Resiliency. Always-on Availability.

Keep your critical data ridiculously available. How available? Like 99.9999 available.

“Our most notable benefit from Silk is that we have no worries about performance. Add scale-up and scale-out along with capacity and flash guarantees, as well as excellent service. We have peace of mind for the next five years. In IT time, that’s a lot.”

Ian Linderoth, Data Center Manager, SharkNinja

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