Silk Cloud Data Platform
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Silk Cloud Data Platform

Silk’s virtualization platform sits between the cloud storage infrastructure and cloud databases. Utilizing a shared-compute pool, Silk provides accelerated performance with resource efficiency.

Why Silk?

Accelerated Performance

Get the fastest performance ever on native cloud. Silk breaks the typical performance/capacity algorithm so you can get speeds you need without paying for cloud resources you don’t want.

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Cloud Costs

We don’t want you to spend a cent more than you have to for your cloud resources. Silk consolidates workloads and right-sizes compute VMs to eliminate oversizing and unnecessary cloud spend.

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Simplified Manageability

Rest easy knowing Silk has your back! Our self-healing, active-active architecture means you can proactively avoid disruptions while our zero-footprint snapshots give you the additional backup that you need without a performance or cost penalty.

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