Spend less. Cloud more.

Remember when life in the cloud actually felt like life in the cloud? No boundaries, no limits. Just pure freedom.
Now, living in the cloud means playing by the rules. Rules that take away the very freedom that cloud is all about. Well we didn’t like those rules. So we changed them.
We’re Silk. And we’re changing the way we cloud.

Reduce Your
Cloud Cost by 30%

The Cloud Data Platform

Silk fits between your full application stack and cloud data infrastructure, making everything run smarter. Without changing your environment. With Silk, your same cloud data performs way better and is managed way more efficiently, while costing a whole lot less.

Silk Cloud Data Platform
On Prem Data
Cloud A
Cloud B
Cloud C

10x your performance. Not your spend.

Stop paying for scale you don’t want just to get the performance you actually need. Silk optimizes every detail about your data to deliver huge cloud performance at the exact same scale. Now your business-critical, high-performance apps run more quickly and reliably than ever. No upgrade necessary.

Feel the power

Cloud data. Just way, way smarter.

Cloud platforms don’t care if your data is optimized or not. They just store it. Silk takes care of that. With real-time data reduction, thin provisioning, and zero footprint clones, Silk makes everything about how you use and store your data way more efficient -- all automatically.

Optimize your environment in your sleep.

Stop measuring out and dividing up resources all by yourself. You have much better things to do. Silk virtually allocates only the data you actually need at every moment, so your entire cloud environment stays continuously optimized without having to lift a finger.

I gotta see this

Numbers don’t lieSee The Real World Results

Public Cloud



IaaS + Snapshots$80,000/m

Public Cloud + Silk


+ IaaS

+ Snapshots

Public Cloud Resources Needed

Test / Dev
Public CloudPublic Cloud + Silk
Check our math

Silk ROI Calculator

Here’s how much you’ll save

Cloud done right. Finally.

Get more performance out of
your exact same cloud

Make more room to
migrate more data


Optimize your
resources on the fly

We see Silk as superior in technology. Performance was a big factor in our decision but so was the pricing model. Our ROI assessment included variable block size, compression, deduplication, guaranteed capacity and readiness for future scalability. Silk is simply the complete package.

Elad Gotfrid | Director of Production IT

Elad Gotfrid endorsement
With the Silk Cloud Data Platform
we experienced more than 30%
increase in performance, and this
gave us a huge boost on delivering
results to our business.

Friedrich Rub | Former CIO

Friedrich Rub endorsement
Silk is so much more user-friendly
in terms of usability, management,
and monitoring.

David Raper | Operations Director

David Raper endorsement

Start Living in the Cloud & Under Budget

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Case Study
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