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Thu Jul 11 2024
A Comprehensive Introduction to Cloud Database as a Service (DBaaS)
Everything you've ever wanted to know about cloud DBaaS!
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Thu Jun 27 2024
Migrating Oracle Database From On-Prem to Silk + Azure Using SharePlex
Your step-by-step guide
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Fri Jun 21 2024
7 Data Control Issues with Cloud PaaS –And Why Cloud DBaaS is a Better Solution
Don't feel powerless when it comes to your data
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Thu Jun 13 2024
Accelerating HealthEquity’s Cloud Journey with Silk
Silk made HealthEquity's cloud dream a reality
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Fri Jun 07 2024
Cloud PaaS vs Cloud DBaaS: What is the Best Managed Database Solution for SQL Server?
We'll compare and contrast your options!
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Thu May 30 2024
6 Key Considerations for Adopting Cloud Database as a Service
Make your cloud DBaaS deployment a success!
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Thu May 16 2024
Patch Me Now or Patch Me Later with Cloud Database as a Service
Patch on YOUR schedule... not the cloud vendor's!
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Wed Apr 24 2024
Top 5 Cloud Cost Savings Strategies
Don't sacrifice performance for lower costs!
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Mon Apr 22 2024
Application Migration to the Cloud – Challenges and Best Practices
What are the steps to migration?
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Thu Apr 18 2024
Riding the Next Wave of Retail Innovation: Is Your Cloud Strategy Ready?
Are you ready for it?
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Thu Apr 11 2024
Where Are All the Engineers? How to Continue to Drive Growth with the Engineering Team You Have
Retaining and nurturing talent is more important than ever
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Thu Apr 04 2024
Revolutionizing Healthcare Data Management with Silk Cloud Snapshots
Avoid downtime, optimize costs, and streamline data management
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Thu Mar 28 2024
Time to Face Facts: Retailers are Becoming Tech Companies
Retailers need to embrace technology to survive
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Thu Mar 21 2024
Simplifying Data Operations: Best Practices for Cloud Database Snapshots
Discover the power of snapshots for data management
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Thu Mar 14 2024
Cloud Snapshots: Use Cases, Challenges, and How to Use Them Effectively
What are they and how can you use them effectively?
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Thu Feb 29 2024
Things to Know When Migrating Oracle to the Cloud
Our first obstacle: Overprovisioning
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Thu Feb 22 2024
4 Reasons Cloud Adoption is Needed in the Healthcare Industry
And why now's the time to move your EHR to the cloud.
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Thu Feb 15 2024
How to Move EHR Workloads to the Cloud
Sentara shares its cloud migration story
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Thu Feb 08 2024
Assessing Your Application’s Cloud Readiness: A Step-by-Step Guide
Are you ready for the cloud?
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Thu Feb 01 2024
4 Challenges Organizations Face with Database Management in the Cloud
Silk Cloud DBaaS can help with that!
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Thu Jan 25 2024
Unlocking the Secrets of High-Speed Read Transactions in Database Platforms
Modern apps need fast read speeds. Can you keep up?
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Thu Jan 18 2024
Did Your Retail Applications Survive the Holidays?
It's the busiest shopping time of the year!
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Tue Jan 09 2024
Bringing Database as a Service to Silk
Focus on innovation. We've got the daily maintenance taken care of.
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Thu Jan 04 2024
Operating and Optimizing SaaS Applications
Get the best performance for your costs
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Thu Dec 21 2023
Best Practices for Day 2 Operations of Your SaaS Offering
Now the real work begins...
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Thu Dec 14 2023
2024 Trend Alert: AI is Coming – In the Next Few years, Everyone Will Invest In It
Are you ready for the AI revolution?
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Thu Dec 07 2023
Designing Your High-Performance SaaS Application for Scale
What's your scaling strategy?
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Thu Nov 30 2023
AI: He Who Has the Data, Wins
Missed our webinar? Here's a recap
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Wed Nov 22 2023
The Fundamentals of SaaS Architecture Design
Here are your building blocks
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Wed Nov 15 2023
The AI Toolbox: Modeling Tools, Model Training, and More
What tools should you have in your arsenal?
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Thu Nov 09 2023
Relational Systems Will House the Majority of AI Data
Relational databases are crucial for AI's future. Are your databases ready?
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Thu Nov 02 2023
Machine Learning with Volume Snapshots
Harness the power of snapshots for ML
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Thu Oct 26 2023
How SimCorp Turned its Software into SaaS and You Can Too!
Discover their secrets to success
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Thu Oct 19 2023
Unlocking Database Performance: Tips for Optimization
Enhance the performance of your databases
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Thu Oct 12 2023
Considerations for Oracle Database on Azure
Let your Oracle workloads thrive!
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Fri Oct 06 2023
Mastering Oracle Workload Right-Sizing in the Cloud: Key Strategies for Success
Only pay for what you need!
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Thu Sep 28 2023
Ensuring Data Resiliency in Cloud Databases: Best Practices, Tips, and Techniques
Safeguard your valuable data in the cloud
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Fri Sep 22 2023
A Harmonious Union: Oracle, Microsoft, and Silk Drive Innovation in Cloud Migration
Make your Oracle migration to the cloud a success!
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Thu Sep 21 2023
7 Takeaways from Google Next ’23
AI is officially happening...Are we ready for it?
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Thu Sep 14 2023
Cost Efficiency and Scalability: The Economics of Cloud Databases
Optimize your budget while enjoying flexible storage options
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Tue Sep 12 2023
Optimizing Performance in Cloud Databases: Tips and Techniques
Unleash the full potential of your data storage and retrieval capabilities
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Thu Aug 24 2023
Never Price a Cloud By Its Cover
Why TCO is the best way to choose a high IO solution
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Thu Aug 17 2023
10 Smart Ways to Slash Unnecessary Cloud Costs
Get your cloud spend under control!
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Thu Aug 10 2023
Maximizing ROI: The Strategic Advantages of Data Center Consolidation
Explore the financial benefits and its impact on ROI
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Thu Aug 03 2023
Latest Updates to the Silk Data Virtualization Platform
Faster performance and greater manageability
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Thu Jul 27 2023
Navigating the Cloud Migration Journey in Healthcare: Challenges and Benefits
What are the challenges and why is it necessary
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Thu Jul 20 2023
Architecting the Cloud for Resilience: Building a Robust Infrastructure to Mitigate Public Cloud Outages
Strategies and best practices to keep your cloud strong
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Thu Jul 13 2023
Embracing the Cloud: How Data Center Migration Boosts Business Efficiency
Seeking scalability and efficiency? Explore the advantages of migrating to the cloud!
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Thu Jul 06 2023
Introduction to Cloud Security and Finance Companies
Explore the risks and best practices for using the cloud
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Mon Jun 26 2023
5 Must-Haves for Microsoft Azure Cost Optimization
Save some $$$
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Wed Jun 21 2023
Pushing the Limits of the Cloud
Learn more about Silk's offering for Azure Pv2
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Tue Jun 20 2023
An Onramp to an Optimized Cloud
Move those smaller workloads to the cloud!
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Tue Jun 06 2023
Kellyn Gorman: Why I Joined Silk as Director of Technical Advocacy
Welcome to our newest Silk Squad member!
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Fri Jun 02 2023
Introduction to Cloud Repatriation: What is it?
Bottom line: It's better to optimize workloads...
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Thu May 25 2023
5 Ways You’re Wasting Money in the Cloud
Isn't the cloud suppose to save you money?
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Fri May 19 2023
Achieving Cost Efficiency for Scaling Mission-Critical Applications in the Cloud
Don't let your cloud spend get out of control
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Thu May 11 2023
Unleashing the Power of SaaS in the Cloud: Top Advantages to Boost Your Business
Explore the advantages of morphing into a SaaS provider
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Fri May 05 2023
Moving Finance Operations From On-Premise to the Cloud
The future of finance is in the cloud. Are you ready?
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Tue Apr 18 2023
How SimCorp Accelerated Cloud Adoption to Launch Its SaaS Offering with Silk (Video)
The journey to the cloud can be a smooth one!
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Thu Apr 06 2023
A Guide to SaaS Migration to the Cloud
Unlock the full potential of the cloud.
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Wed Mar 29 2023
What is Thin Provisioning and Should You Utilize It?
What is it? Why is it important? And do you need it?
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Mon Mar 20 2023
3 Factors That Delay Application Migration to the Cloud
Make cloud adoption as smooth as possible
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Thu Mar 09 2023
How to Achieve Better Cloud Computing Performance for a Lower Cost
Balance that price-performance ratio
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Fri Feb 17 2023
How Economic Uncertainty is Impacting Application Migration to the Cloud
No need to pause your efforts!
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Thu Feb 09 2023
Reducing the Risk of Cloud Downtime
Because cloud outages can be costly
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Tue Feb 07 2023
A Year of Growth in 2022
New customers, product innovations, awards -- oh my!
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Wed Feb 01 2023
How To Break Down Public Cloud Silos
Don't let your multi-cloud strategy get the best of you
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Wed Feb 01 2023
Cloud Infrastructure Adoption: The Story Behind the Trends
What workloads are really being moved to the cloud?
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Tue Jan 31 2023
Maximizing Cloud Resiliency for Applications
How confident are you in your apps' resiliency in the cloud?
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Mon Jan 30 2023
7 Common Challenges in Cloud Adoption
As we discussed in our previous post , statistics show that enterprises are quickly…
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Fri Jan 27 2023
Surprising Cloud Constraints You Don’t Have On-Prem
How's your performance?
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Sun Jan 22 2023
Strategies for Reducing Cloud Costs
Are you considering migrating your applications to the cloud to simplify your…
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Wed Jan 18 2023
The Retail Customer Experience Revolution Will Escalate in 2023
What does the new year have in store?
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Tue Jan 17 2023
3 Industry Trends Driving Adoption of Managed Service Providers (MSPs)
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Thu Jan 12 2023
What is Overprovisioning and How Does It Happen?
Only pay for what you use
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Mon Dec 19 2022
3 Ways to Optimize Your Cloud Post-Cloud Migration
Keep up momentum!
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Thu Dec 01 2022
Migrating Oracle Databases From On-Prem to Silk + Azure Using SharePlex
See how it's done!
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Wed Nov 30 2022
The Value Proposition of Silk + SharePlex on Azure
Match the I/O of Exadata
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Mon Nov 28 2022
Throughput vs IOPS – Understanding Cloud Performance
What's the difference and what are their constraints?
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Wed Nov 23 2022
Moving to the Cloud? In This Economy? How to Navigate the Value of Cloud Adoption in Uncertain Economic Times
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Thu Nov 10 2022
New Research: Oracle Customers Adopt Cloud to Compete
Here are the insights from 200+ Oracle customers surveyed
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Tue Nov 01 2022
The CIO’s Guide to the Galaxy
Finding yourself stuck with no hope of rescue?
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Tue Sep 13 2022
Slow is the New Down: How to Avoid Slow Websites and Applications
Learn more at Microsoft Ignite 2022!
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Tue Sep 06 2022
All About Data in the Zettabyte Era
Everything you need to know
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Mon Aug 29 2022
The People Side of Service Deprecation in the Wake of Google’s IoT Pivot
How to deprecation of Google's IoT service affects customers
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Wed Aug 24 2022
What is Cloud Performance?
How fast is your cloud?
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Mon Aug 22 2022
Total Cost of Ownership for SQL Databases in the Cloud
Avoid overprovisioning of storage, compute and database licenses.
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Thu Aug 18 2022
Google Reminds Us That Our “Production” Is the Public Cloud Providers’ “Test/Dev”
Google just shuttered its much-hyped IoT core service. Now what?
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Thu Jun 02 2022
Azure BlobFuse for Oracle RMAN Backups
Discover how to keep backups of your database available
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Tue May 17 2022
Using Oracle ASM with Silk
Faster performance? Yes please!
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Thu May 12 2022
What is Headless Commerce and How Does it Affect the Data Layer?
A summary of the latest trends in retail and multi-channel e-commerce
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Tue May 03 2022
Workload RISC: Big Endian Conversion While Migrating to Azure (AIX/Solaris Host OS)
What are they and how can you migrate them?
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Wed Apr 27 2022
Oracle EBS on the Cloud
What cloud option is best for Oracle EBS?
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Mon Apr 25 2022
What is Performance in Cloud Computing?
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Wed Apr 20 2022
Bringing Untouchable SQL Workloads into Azure
...and why there's no such thing as an "untouchable" SQL workload!
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Wed Apr 13 2022
Achieving IO Savings for Oracle on Azure with Silk
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Mon Mar 21 2022
Did We Miss You at HIMSS ’22?
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Fri Feb 25 2022
Top 5 Data Center Migration Challenges and Solutions
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Fri Dec 17 2021
Solutions For High Performance Cloud Computing
Use cases for high performance in the cloud for different industries
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Wed Dec 15 2021
Lift, Shift, and Evolve Oracle Workloads on Azure
A webinar summary featuring experts: Tanel Poder and Kellyn Gorman
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