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Mon Oct 18 2021
Testing the Silk Platform – Hands-on Technical Analysis of High Performance I/O in the Cloud
By Tanel Poder, database consultant & performance geek
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Tue Oct 05 2021
Silk Recognized by Business Intelligence Group’s 2021 Stratus Awards
We've got a vision and it's being recognized
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Mon Oct 04 2021
Is Your Cloud Strategy Hurting Your Business Goals?
Make sure the cloud is working for you!
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Fri Sep 24 2021
How To Break Down Public Cloud Silos
Don't let your multi-cloud strategy get the best of you
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Fri Sep 10 2021
Cloud Repatriation: What is it and Why Does it Happen?
Bottom line: It's better to optimize workloads...
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Wed Sep 01 2021
How eToro Shortened Cloud Adoption By 50% (Video)
That's some seriously fast adoption!
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Mon Aug 30 2021
Putting Silk to the Test: Performance Tests for Oracle on Azure
You're going to be amazed by these results!
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Tue Aug 24 2021
How To Successfully Do Disaster Recovery in the Cloud
Hurdles to watch out for and how to overcome them
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Mon Aug 23 2021
Cloud Compromises: Constrained and Optimized CPUs
Don't settle for paying more.
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Thu Aug 05 2021
How Priceline Increased Its Cloud Performance (Video)
All while keeping its cloud budget in check!
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Tue Aug 03 2021
Overprovisioning: The Curse of the Cloud
It's time to start paying only for what you use
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Tue Jul 27 2021
Understanding Data Replication to the Cloud
Learn what it is and why it's well worth the effort
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Mon Jul 19 2021
3 Paths to the Cloud
Discover the benefits and drawbacks of the three major ways to migrate
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Fri Jul 16 2021
Efficient Hybrid Cloud Monitoring – Benefits and Challenges
Discover the benefits and challenges of hybrid cloud monitoring
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Thu Jul 08 2021
Hybrid Cloud Latency
Dramatically minimize your hybrid cloud latency
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Thu Jun 24 2021
What is Cloud APM?
What is Cloud Application Performance Management (APM)?
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Tue May 04 2021
5 Considerations When Migrating Microsoft SQL Server to Azure
Get the right levels of database performance for mission-critical workloads
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Thu Apr 29 2021
The Power of Silk on SQL Server and Oracle
See how Silk boosts the performance of SQL Server and Oracle in…
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Fri Apr 23 2021
8 Reasons to Power Your Oracle Databases in the Cloud with Silk
If your Oracle workloads in the cloud aren't powered by Silk, you're…
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Thu Apr 22 2021
Data Inflation After Moving Workloads from Oracle Exadata?
Why this happens and how to prevent it
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Mon Apr 19 2021
4 Database Performance Tips When Moving Oracle Exadata Workloads to the Public Cloud
Learn how to surpass performance, availability, and scalability limitations.
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Wed Apr 07 2021
Cloud Performance Testing – What It Is, Benefits, Types, and Strategy
Tips for performance testing software applications in the cloud.
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Thu Apr 01 2021
Refactoring Applications for Cloud Migration: What, How, Pros and Cons
What are the benefits and limitations of refactoring your applications for the…
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Tue Mar 30 2021
Application Migration to the Cloud – Challenges and Best Practices
Let's talk about options for application migration to cloud, particularly mission-critical workloads.
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Fri Mar 26 2021
Silk vs NetApp: Mixed Reads / Writes
It's the final head-to-head comparison tests! And they're amazing!
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Tue Mar 23 2021
Silk vs NetApp: Winning on Sequential Writes
Our most dramatic performance tests yet!
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Thu Mar 18 2021
Silk vs NetApp: Reading the Performance of Sequential Reads
How do they compare when it comes to Sequential Read workloads?
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Tue Mar 16 2021
Silk vs NetApp: Transactional/OLTP on AWS
See how we stack up when it comes to performance for Transactional/OLTP…
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Fri Mar 12 2021
Silk vs NetApp: Putting NetApp Numbers to the Test
See how Silk and NetApp compare on 4K Random Read performance tests.
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Mon Mar 08 2021
5 Challenges of Migrating Oracle Workloads to Azure
How to solve mission-critical performance problems and Exadata migration.
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Wed Jan 27 2021
4 Common Database Challenges in the Cloud
Maintaining your databases in the public cloud presents unique challenges.
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Wed Jan 06 2021
Thoughts on the AWS GP3 Offering
What is the GP3 offering and what does it mean for AWS…
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Mon Jan 04 2021
The Importance of Fast Performance for Retail
Your current infrastructure might be holding you back from getting fast performance.
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Wed Dec 09 2020
How to Outage-Proof Your AWS Infrastructure
The recent AWS outage was catastrophic. Discover how to protect your data…
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Tue Nov 24 2020
Finding Gratitude in the Time of COVID
This year, we're thankful for working for such an awesome company!
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Tue Nov 17 2020
Why You Should Go Cloud-Smart, Not Cloud-First
It's time to get strategize about what goes into the cloud!
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Thu Oct 29 2020
4 Reasons Why You Should Adopt a Multicloud Strategy
Don't put all your eggs in one basket
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Fri Oct 16 2020
3 Signs It’s Time To Rethink Your Hybrid Cloud Strategy
Hint: Performance and Cost Issues Are Signs…
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Wed Oct 07 2020
Running MongoDB in the Cloud
Discover how one company was able to achieve max performance in the…
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Wed Sep 16 2020
5 Ways to Reduce Your Cloud Spend
Are you considering migrating your applications to the cloud to simplify your…
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Wed Sep 09 2020
8 Ways to Accelerate Cloud Performance
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Sun Aug 30 2020
How Soccour Solutions Achieved 40-60% Faster Performance
Public cloud infrastructure is an ideal option for companies looking for a…
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Tue Aug 18 2020
How Finance Companies Can Save 30x in Cloud Costs
Leaders in all industries are adopting cloud infrastructure at ever increasing rates.…
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Mon Aug 10 2020
How To Reduce the Cost and Improve the Performance of Your GCP Infrastructure
Are you currently using 50TB or more in Google Cloud Platform (GCP)? …
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Fri Aug 07 2020
Why You Don’t Need To Overprovision
If you’ve worked with on-prem or cloud infrastructure before, you are probably…
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Thu Jul 30 2020
7 Common Cloud Adoption Challenges
As we discussed in our previous post , statistics show that enterprises are quickly…
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Wed Jul 22 2020
Cloud Infrastructure Adoption: The Story Behind the Trends
LogicMonitor predicts that 83% of enterprise workloads will be in the cloud by…
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Sun Jul 05 2020
Introducing the Silk Cloud Data Platform: The New Rules of the Cloud
The cloud is the best thing to happen to business in a…
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Tue Jun 02 2020
4 Skills You Need to Succeed in the Technology Industry in 2020
Time to brush up on those skills!
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Thu May 28 2020
How to Achieve Business Agility with Your Applications
Don't make inflexibility your legacy!
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Wed Apr 29 2020
Data Mobility in the Public Cloud
How are YOU planning to migrate to the cloud?
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Thu Mar 19 2020
How To Improve Business Agility and Reduce Risk
Whether on-prem or in the cloud, you deserve a flexible solution!
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Thu Feb 13 2020
An Innovative Solution to Managing Costs of Business-Critical Applications
Let's talk virtualizing the data plane...
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Mon Nov 25 2019
What Silk is Thankful For: Our People
We love our employees!
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Tue Oct 29 2019
A Data Infrastructure Horror Story
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Tue Oct 15 2019
3 Trends Driving Adoption of Managed Service Providers (MSPs)
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