Why Silk For Google Cloud

With Silk on Google Cloud Platform, you can boost performance and allow Google Cloud to do what it does best. Provision your applications on Google Cloud as needed and make the most out of your cloud infrastructure. Cut your cloud bill but keep growing like crazy. Silk makes life in Google Cloud easy.

Up To 10x Faster
Performance and Scalability

Run any workload at top speed
and scale automatically

Greater Resiliency
and Higher Availability

No more worrying about downtime for your customers

Improved Cost

Optimize your database
footprint and compute while
reducing licensing costs

Get More Performance From Google Cloud

Never compromise on speed

Silk makes it possible to decouple capacity from performance. All while taking advantage of enterprise data cloud services such as deduplication, data reduction, thin provisioning, and zero-footprint clones.

The Same High Performance No Matter the Block Size

If your databases generate a wide array of IO sizes, you might worry that this will clog the flow of data and hinder their performance in the Google Cloud. But Silk’s patent-protected technology allows for consistent low latency and high performance completely independent of Read/Write block size or pattern. No matter what your applications and workloads consist of – whether OLTP or BI, AI or machine learning – you’ll get the same consistent experience for your databases in Google Cloud.

Performance, Performance, Performance

IOPS of Native Google Cloud vs Silk on Google Cloud
Throughput of Native Google Cloud vs Silk on Google Cloud
Latency of Native Google Cloud vs Silk on Google Cloud

The Benefits of Silk on Google Cloud

Ultra High

Run up to 10x faster and
shorten run time


Avoid inconsistency and
performance degradations


Support constantly
changing workloads


Avoid waste
of IOPS provisioning