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Understand and Optimize Your Cloud Costs

Get the performance you need – without excess cloud costs

With separate layers for performance and capacity, Silk eliminates the need to spend on excess capacity just to hit IOPS and throughput targets, or vice versa.

Consolidate workloads for increased efficiency

Silk pools cloud resources under multiple workloads, allowing performance to be consolidated. There’s no need to separately provision for at the workload level to achieve optimal performance.

Right-size compute VMs

Silk’s platform connects with compute VMs over the higher performance compute network, not the limited-capacity data network of cloud infrastructure. This allows Silk to support the most performance-intensive workloads, while eliminating the need to oversize compute VMs for better data network performance.

Get every penny of value from your database license.

Database license costs grow with the number of vCPUs in your compute VMs. By rightsizing your compute VM, Silk gets rid of the need to overpay for unnecessary database licenses.

Access your data with ease, not additional costs

Silk creates instantaneous, zero-footprint snapshots of your mission-critical databases without requiring a fully-provisioned copy of your data. Make it easy to access copies or manage Dev/Test without redundant provisioning.

Cloud Economies of Scale
Lead to Real Savings

Data reduction achieved by leading retailer through enterprise data services, thin provisioning, and snapshots
Reduction in number of vCPUs required for compute VMs compared to cloud native architectures seen by some customers
Amount of initial space required to create and host a new snapshot with Silk

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How Silk Accelerates Cloud Performance


Independently set and grow performance and compute, precisely to your needs

Shared Multi-tenant Datastore

Pooled resources cut down cloud waste by taking advantage of the different need patterns of multiple workloads

Data Services

Increase efficient use of resources by shrinking your capacity footprint

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