The Technology Behind Silk
Give your data superpowers.

Silk makes your databases in the cloud do things
you never thought possible. Here’s how.

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How It Works Any Application, Any Database, Any App

Your data shouldn’t be limited by where it comes from or what it’s used for. With Silk, all your data is finally equal. Silk tears down existing silos between multiple clouds and on-prem, allowing all data – no matter the type or location – to flow freely as one.

Enterprise Data Services Get More with Less

Optimize your databases in the cloud to the tiniest detail, giving them ridiculous performance and efficiency.

A. Real Time Data Reduction

Put your data on a diet. Silk slashes duplicates, cuts air gaps and then compresses whatever’s left. Oh, and it does all this automatically, constantly and in real-time

B. Thin Provisioning

Your days of overprovisioning are over. Silk allocates your ideal cloud capacity and performance on the fly, so you get automatically perfect provisioning, and only pay for exactly what you need – no more, no less.

C. Instantaneous, Zero Footprint Snapshots

Snapshots that are light on their feet. With Silk, snapshots are instantaneous, unlimited, writable and zero-footprint, so you quickly create test environments without spending more or slowing things down.

D. Infinitely Scalable High-Performance Data Assets

Blow past your SSD’s built-in performance. Silk handles all compute in the cloud, so you scale capacity and performance flexibly with sub-millisecond latency and restriction-free.

Silk Capabilities

Optimize every penny

Silk Clarity uses powerful machine-learning analytics to show you exactly what you’re paying for and where you can save the most.

Orchestrate every process

Silk’s Flex Dashboard gives you complete control of every cloud detail, and makes scaling up or down as simple as drag and drop.

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We got this.

Even if we could, we wouldn’t possibly have the time to constantly adjust every cloud detail on our own. Now we don’t need to. With Silk, everything is perfectly balanced automatically and in real-time. So you just kick back and try to look busy while your cloud magically optimizes itself.

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