Silk Cloud Data Platform for Retail

Achieve a Better Customer Experience & Faster Performance With Silk

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Why Silk For Retail

10x Faster Performance

Eliminate the bottlenecks to offering customers an AI-enabled personalized shopping experience

Flexible Scalability

Scale resources to meet greater demand during the busy shopping season

Rich Tier 1 Data Services

Data services like deduplication, data reduction, and zero-footprint clones help maintain cloud costs

A Faster and More Personalized Experience Is Possible

As customers move their shopping online, it’s more important than ever to offer a faster, more personalized experience that keeps them coming back again and again. With Silk’s high performance, you’ve able to give your customers the user experience they want while keeping up with demand during busy shopping periods.

Do More With Your Cloud

The Silk Cloud Data Platform works with your public cloud to offer you greater performance than you can achieve natively. Review the chart to see how you can get more with Silk on GCP and Azure.

Your Databases On Silk

Databases – such as SQL Server, Oracle, MongoDB, Cassandra, and ElasticSearch – form the circulatory system for retailers. They enable revenue-producing customer transactions and provide internal insight for further product innovation. Whether your databases are on the cloud or on-prem, Silk offers your databases consistently low latency with high throughput and IOPS. And at a low price point per GB, Silk is the most efficient platform for all your databases.

Customer Story From On-Prem to the Cloud - Powered By Silk

One Fortune 50 retail and healthcare company wanted to move its MySQL and Oracle databases off of its on-prem infrastructure and into the cloud. They tried a few different solutions but weren’t able to achieve the performance that they needed. With Silk on the public cloud, the company saw the same high level of performance as they had previously achieved on-prem.