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Retail Solutions on the Cloud

The cloud offers retailers the ability to provide a better customer experience for shoppers. Cloud-based analytics help make sense of customer buying trends to make informed suggestions for additional products and services; cloud-based POS allows for an easy check-out process; and better integration means easier real-time inventory management across brick-and-mortar stores and the entire supply chain. However, moving your most mission-critical databases to the cloud — the very things that make all these amazing capabilities possible — can be a retailer’s nightmare. Especially when the cloud doesn’t offer the same level of performance you’re used to.

Meet Silk. Silk offers up to 10x faster performance compared to native cloud alone — even for the most complex and large workloads. So you can keep delighting customers, selling your products and services, and having a positive impact on the bottom line.

Why Silk for Retail

Never Lose a Sale

There’s nothing worse than waiting for your order to go through. Make sure your customers are never left hanging with fast performance that gets orders placed quickly.

Handle the Busy Shopping Season

Silk offers the scalability you need to meet rapidly growing demands during busy seasons — such as holidays, back-to-school, etc. — and the ability to scale down when these peak seasons are over.

A Personalized Customer Experience

Take advantage of analytic capabilities faster by quickly lifting and shifting even your most complex workloads to the cloud

Retailers: Do More With Your Cloud

Silk works with your cloud to offer you greater performance than you can achieve natively. Review the below charts to see how Silk can offer you more with Google Cloud and Azure.