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Get the best performance you’ve ever seen on Oracle. All while keeping your cloud and Oracle licensing costs in check.

Better Than Any
Other Performance

No throughput limitations with sub-millisecond latency


Prevent footprint inflation of your Oracle Exadata workloads

Cost Reduction

With data compression data services, reduce Oracle database license growth and overprovisioning

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Let's Look At the Numbers

Oracle on the Public Cloud vs Oracle on the Public Cloud Powered By SILK
Oracle on the Public Cloud vs Oracle on the Public Cloud Powered By SILK

Why Choose Silk to Power Your Oracle Databases on the Cloud?

With proven performance of more than one milion IOPS, 20 GB/S throughput, and consistent sub-millisecond latency, your users will be wondering why they never saw performance like this before. Silk’s performance power and resource optimization is completely autonomous- so you can spend less time wondering if you’re getting the most out of the cloud, and focus on more important things. Get your Oracle workloads up and running in the cloud today, without going through the time-consuming process of refactoring. And with enterprise data services always keeping your data capacity in check, you never have to worry about one too many snapshots busting your cloud budget. With Silk, migrating Oracle to the cloud is a breeze!

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How Silk Does It Better

10x Higher
Performance and Scale

Over 1 million IOPS and 20 GB/s throughput with consistent sub-millisecond latency.

Rock Solid Resiliency
and Availability

No single-point-of-failure, full availability covering zone and region outages, and effective disaster recovery.

Better Cost

Alleviate the requirement for vCPUs and the corresponding license requirements.

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