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Up to 10x better-than-native performance.

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Accelerate Your Cloud To Silk Speed

Up to 10x performance increase on the same infrastructure

Silk uniquely decouples performance from capacity, enabling continuous algorithmic performance optimization.

Run consistently faster with between 3-30x reductions in latency

Silk intelligently offloads tasks from the network layer to the compute layer, providing dramatic and consistent reductions in latency for maximum application responsiveness.

Silk sits between your cloud database and storage layers, optimizing performance with no additional database changes or tuning required.

Silk’s patented, database-agnostic approach accelerates performance for any database in the cloud.

Shared multitenant datastore uses pooled resources for any workload.

When multiple databases connect to one Silk Data Pod, they gain flexibility for the peak performance of each workload without the need for overprovisioning or frequent adjustments.

Value grows with your workloads.

Silk’s unique approach improves upon the linear scalability of typical cloud platforms, optimizing resources to deliver superlinear scalability as more workloads are consolidated.

Accelerate Cloud Performance
up to 10X for Your Users.

Demonstrated IOPS read performance gain vs. Azure Native Storage.
The lowest proven latency on Google Cloud Platform
Microsoft SQL Server rows inserted per second vs. 7M/s without Silk.

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How Silk Accelerates Cloud Performance


Independently set and grow performance and compute, precisely to your needs

Shared Multi-tenant Datastore

Pooled resources cut down cloud waste by taking advantage of the different need patterns of multiple workloads

Data Services

Increase efficient use of resources by shrinking your capacity footprint

Guide Book Accelerate Performance For DBs in the Cloud