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Easy to Manage Scale with Unmatched Performance

SaaS providers use cloud infrastructure to provide customers with transformative application software and rich data sets. But performance can be a challenge as the number of users continues to grow, consumption platforms expand, and new features are added to the software. Having to provision multiple resources (storage, networking, and compute) for each application makes it hard to achieve economies of scale as the business grows.

Silk offers the best way to optimize cloud infrastructure for SaaS while delivering needed application performance and availability. Silk’s shared data architecture supports multiple applications and databases on the same cloud infrastructure. Its two-tier virtualization decouples performance from capacity to enable maximum performance and scalability without driving up costs. Cost-per-customer goes down instead of up.



Why Silk for SaaS

Tier 1 performance for software

Up to 10x performance improvements over native cloud for responsive applications and time-critical data insights. Deliver software your users will love to use.





Reduce cost per customer for higher margins

Incremental per-user and per-instance costs go down with every user or instance that is added. Scale while being cost-efficient with cloud resources.

Streamline and upgrade development and testing

Instantaneous, zero-footprint snapshots enable easy and cost-efficient management of test/dev configurations and non-production environments at production speed. DevOps can stand up and tear down instances in minutes.

Scale Your Cloud. Not Your Costs.

Silk eliminates the overprovisioning of cloud resources to scale SaaS cost-effectively with the highest levels of performance.

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