Data Lifecycle Management with Silk

Automate and accelerate data use within your organization

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Simplify Lifecycle Management for Your Cloud Databases

Replicate and move data, rapidly, with full performance, and at low cost.

Silk’s instantaneous, zero-footprint snapshots, views, and clones allow easy management of production, analytics,  AI, or Dev & Test configurations. Cut down ETL times and broaden data use with no performance penalty or additional storage costs.

Democratize data in your organization with Silk's convenient, cost-efficient Instant Extracts

Provide lower environments (Test/Dev/QA/UAT) with current data in one click. Empower application teams with up-to-date information, easy refreshes, and a robust data management process

Differentiate your offerings with AI using your private production data

Put your production databases to use with essential AI, BI, and analytics workloads while minimizing overhead. Silk’s real-time, zero-footprint database views and clones seamlessly offload GenAI demand to non-production database to use in RAG processes.

Ensure your most important data is used safely with Silk and data masking tools

Use Silk snapshots and replication, in conjunction with leading data masking technologies, to automatically, rapidly, and simply secure production data for use in lower environments.

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How Silk Accelerates Cloud Performance


Independently set and grow performance and compute, precisely to your needs

Shared Multi-tenant Datastore

Pooled resources cut down cloud waste by taking advantage of the different need patterns of multiple workloads

Data Services

Increase efficient use of resources by shrinking your capacity footprint

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