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Learn which Silk option will fit your organization. Get unmatched performance, resilience, data lifecycle management, and cost efficiency with Silk on IaaS. Let us operate your Silk instances for you with Managed Silk. Or get performant and dependable cloud database management services tailored to match your business goals and scale as your grow with Silk Database as a Service.

World-Class Managed Services Enhance Your Operations

Scale your infrastructure in the cloud with Silk’s service offerings. Focus your team on the strategic efforts that drive your business forward, while Silk’s expert team handles the day-to-day management, monitoring, and tuning of your systems.

Proven Expertise

We have decades of experience with over 1 million customer databases deployed in the cloud, including multiple database platforms: from Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server to DB2 and MongoDB.

24x7x365 Coverage

Let Silk handle the management and monitoring of your systems for you. Silk ensures round the cloud staffing and rapid, tailored responses to alerts and changes.

Comprehensive Support

We ensure we have a deep understanding of your business and systems, aligning efforts and providing a holistic approach to managing your key systems for you.

Achieve More in the Cloud with Silk's Managed Solutions

Your Most Important Systems Shouldn't Be Held Back By Performance

The Silk Database as a Service solution gives you the full performance of our platform – up to 26.3 GB/s or 2.1 M IOPS. There is no need to leave your critical workloads behind or hold them back in underpowered services as you move to the cloud.

Experienced DBAs at Your Disposal

Complement your in-house DBAs with 24/7 coverage by experienced DBAs that know your organization and act as a trusted partner for your business goals. Increase team efficiency by offloading the day-to-day admin tasks. Access expertise and operational support to realize your cloud strategy.

Escape Cloud PaaS Restrictions and Streamline Your Costs

Unlike traditional database PaaS solutions, the Silk Database as a Service solution allows you to share valuable performance and capacity resources across your databases, reducing over provisioning and minimizing cloud waste.

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