Silk on Microsoft Azure Premium v2

11 9’s of Durability

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Why Silk for Applications on Azure Pv2

Streamline your cloud operations with unmatched availability and the most robust suite of enterprise data services to reduce cost and complexity. With Silk on Microsoft Azure Premium v2, your application can benefit from Azure’s newest high-performance offering, adding Silk’s availability, performance and enterprise data services.

Increased Application Availability

Up to 75% Reduction in Downtime

With Silk's protection, key systems stay online more often and consistently. Silk can sustain up to 2 simultaneous volume failures compared to a single volume failure that can take you offline with native cloud.

Enterprise Data Services

Faster Outcomes and Greater Efficiency <> Silk offers data compression, deduplication, instant zero-footprint snapshots, thin provisioning, and replication on top of Azure’s native encryption at rest.

Over 11 9s of Expected Durability!

Silk on Azure Pv2 provides multiple complementary layers of reliability and resiliency to ensure that your most important systems run without issues

Why Silk?

Faster Performance

Dramatically accelerate cloud performance for your users with up to 50x demonstrated IOPS read performance gains vs Azure Native Storage

Improved Cost Efficiency

Get the most out of your cloud resources by rightsizing VMs, consolidating workloads, and reducing your digital footprint

Enhanced Manageability

With a self-healing architecture and ML-based monitoring, you can sleep easily knowing Silk has got your back.

Get Faster Performance For
You Workloads on Azure Pv2

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