Any Cloud Strategy. Solved.

With powerful solutions for every database, use case, architecture, and public cloud platform, Silk unlocks insanely high performance, everywhere you cloud.

It’s Like Superpowers for DevOps and IT

Boost performance and do more of what the cloud does best. Provision perfectly and make the most of every resource. Cut costs and keep growing like crazy. With Silk, DevOps and IT make life in the cloud look easy.

Deploy to public cloud without wasting any space

Get more performance out of your exact same cloud

Optimize hybrid cloud availability and storage by location

Provision, monitor, and optimize IaaS/ PaaS perfectly

Solutions For Any Use Case

Stable, Efficient Performance

Consistently low latency. Impossibly high performance. No matter the number or type of applications. Silk’s patented adaptive block sizing and log structure array keep your apps firing on all cylinders at all times.

Solutions for Any Architecture

The Best of Both Clouds

Move data freely between public and private clouds, so you can enjoy the benefits of hybrid cloud while staying fully compliant with all the security and privacy stuff.

Solutions for Any Vendor

Higher Azure Performance - Much Lower Spend

Replace Disk Storage with Cloud Compute and Silk and blow past performance and capacity limitations while also enjoying that sweet, sweet commitment discount.

Real-Time Data Reduction
Thin Provisioning for Optimal Capacity
Zero-Footprint Clones
Shared Resources and Performance
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Get 10x Faster Performance For Your Databases in the Cloud

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