Silk Platform Architecture

As more organizations move their data to the cloud, Silk has set out on a mission to rewrite the rules of data operations in the cloud. Our platform is architected in a way that makes it easy to migrate and manage your data in any cloud environment. Silk lets customers compose data resources based on application requirements, allocating just the right amount of both performance and capacity while minimizing resource over provisioning and waste. You can extend your environment’s operational flexibility by scaling performance and capacity resources independently of each other in a dynamic cloud framework.

The Silk Cloud Data Platform operates using industry-leading software and services. Our software stack is built on Silk Data Pods (SDPs), Silk Flex, and Silk Clarity, which work together to provide a rich set of data services, machine learning, analytics, and policy-based automation and orchestration. Our tools and services support a comprehensive cloud optimization strategy through performance, resiliency, data lifecycle management, and cost efficiency.

This white paper describes the Silk Cloud Data Platform’s architecture, including its core features and functionalities.

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