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Financial institutions need to be in the cloud

Banks, credit unions, and other financial services organizations are beginning to move out of their datacenter and into the cloud. But they have a lot of legacy applications that will be hard to move, such as databases like SQL Server and Oracle. These workloads demand that your cloud offer high performance and flexibility.

Silk offers your data consistently high performance while helping to keep your cloud computing costs to a minimum. So is it time to rethink your cloud computing strategy?

A Faster and Better Finance Customer Experience

As more customers move their banking, investments, and other financial transactions online, they expect immediate, personalized, and seamless online services. Silk’s high performance gives them just that without the need to refactor to be cloud native.

Be ready when it's time to trade

The trading market is prone to unexpected changes in workload. Being able to scale up to meet volume and demand is critical to helping customers make their investments as close to real-time as possible. Don’t let bottlenecks be the reason a trade isn’t made on time.

The speed of payments is critical

Digital payments are the lifeblood of modern banks, and customer expectations continue to rise. Whether for personal or commercial payments, delays mean you risk costing your customers money. You need to be able to move payments fast while keeping your costs down.

Innovate faster for success

You moved to the cloud to innovate faster. Silk makes that dream a reality by enabling you to copy and test data quickly and easily while improving data resiliency and opening up easier and better Disaster Recovery.

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