Silk Platform for Finance

Achieve better performance and reduce costs with Silk

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Why Silk For Finance

10x Faster Performance

Eliminate the bottlenecks to
offering customers an AI-enabled
personalized experience

Flexible Scalability

Scale resources to meet greater demand during the busy days and hours

Tier 1 Data Services

Data services like deduplication, data reduction, and zero-footprint clones help maintain cloud costs

A Faster and Better Banking Experience

As more customers move their banking and financial transactions online, they expect an immediate and seamless online experience and transactions. With Silk’s high performance, you’re able to give them just that while minimizing downtime.

Do More With Your Cloud

Silk works with your public cloud to offer you greater performance than you can achieve natively. Review the charts to see how you can get more with Silk on Azure and GCP.

Customer Story TPG Achieves 30x Cost Savings and 20x Faster Reporting

TPG customers generate reports with large peak activity at the middle and end of each month.


To accommodate these peak workloads, the infrastructure needed to have the flexibility to add and remove resources easily.


With Silk, TPG managed to have adaptive performance to save costs and optimize performance.