Silk Cloud Data Platform Packages

Run Your Cloud Database Much Faster While Reducing Costs With Silk’s Cloud Data Platform

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Getting Started with Silk for under $40K a year.

Silk license price increases with additional customer requirements.
Cloud infrastructure costs for Silk Data Pod not included


All critical functionality

Starting under $40k/year

Extract & Protect

Gain extra value and protection

Starting under $50k/year


For advanced workloads

Starting under $60k/year

Silk on IaaS with 3 Year commitment. With Silk configuration of 2 c.nodes and 10 TiB of logical capacity. Cloud infrastructure and BYOL costs not included.

Silk licenses by c.nodes for each Silk Data Pod. Each c.node provides additional performance. Silk c.node licenses depend on the feature tier (above), on the deployment option (Silk on IaaS, Managed Silk, or Silk Cloud DBaaS), and on the logical capacity of the Silk Data Pod, with tiers from 10 TiB up to unlimited capacity. Discounts for longer commitments are also available.

Support SLA
90 minutes
60 minutes
30 minutes
Zero Elimination
Inline Deduplication
Thin Provisioning
Read Acceleration Boost Options
Instantaneous, Zero-Footprint Snapshots
Live m.node Migration
Thin Clones
Thin Views
Native Replication
1 to 1
1 to 1 and 1 to N
API usage integration and support (included integrations)
CSM / TAM Support
Clarity Monitoring Support
SSO LDAP Usage Integration and Configuration
Performance and Capacity Surge
1 Month/Year
Named Executive Sponsor

Deployment Options

From running on IaaS to offering a fully managed database as a service, Silk offers the right level of support and functionality for any organization.

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