From Oracle Exadata to the Public Cloud

Get Exadata Level Performance For Your Oracle Databases on the Public Cloud

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Accelerate Cloud Performance for Oracle Workloads

Moving Oracle workloads from Exadata to the public cloud? You might be setting yourself up for some majorly sluggish performance. The move from Exadata on-prem to the cloud can feel like you’ve gone from cruising down the highway to being stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic. Your end-users have places to be! They don’t have time for slow performance!


Enter Silk. Silk offers you the same – or better – ultra-fast performance as Exadata on the cloud with consistent sub-millisecond latency. Silk is a virtualization layer that lives between your data and the cloud infrastructure, making it easy to lift and shift from one environment to another – no time-consuming and costly refactoring required. And with data compression data services keeping the amount of cloud resources you’re using in check, you’ll see up to a 30% reduction in your Oracle licensing costs. Now that’s some seriously smooth sailing!

Your Cloud Challenges - Solved!

Concerned about migrating from Exadata to the cloud? We got you covered!

As Good As
Exadata Performance

Get the same level of performance that you’ve come to expect from using Oracle Exadata – up to 10x faster than you’ll get through native cloud alone.


Prevent footprint inflation resulting from no longer using Oracle’s Hybrid Columnar Compression technology

Cost Reduction

With data compression data services, reduce Oracle database license growth and overprovisioning

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Why Silk?

10x Higher
Performance and Scale

Over 1 million IOPS and 20 GB/s throughput with consistent sub-millisecond latency.

Rock Solid Resiliency
and Availability

No single-point-of-failure, full availability covering zone and region outages, and effective disaster recovery.

Better Cost

Alleviate the requirement for vCPUs and the corresponding license requirements.

Avoid Data Inflation When Moving Off Exadata >