Silk For Your Databases on the Cloud

Achieve better performance and reduce costs with Silk

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Silk and Your Databases

Get the cloud flexibility you want, with all the performance and efficiency your databases need.

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Solutions for Your Databases

Never compromise on your performance

Decouple the relationship between capacity and performance. Enjoy services such as deduplication, data reduction, thin provisioning, and zero-footprint clones.

Oracle on Silk

Silk For Your Databases

See what Silk can do for your database workloads in the cloud.


The best performance you’ve ever seen. No footprint inflation. And up to 30% reduction in licensing costs. Win, win, win.

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Microsoft SQL Server

No limit on IOPS or throughput. Block size agnostic architecture. And cloud cost control too? Yes, please!

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Silk on the Cloud With Your Databases

Oracle on Azure vs Oracle on Azure Powered By Silk
Native Azure vs Azure Powered By Silk Throughput (MB/s)
Azure Managed SQL vs Azure Managed SQL Powered By Silk
Real-Time Data Reduction
Thin Provisioning for Optimal Capacity
Shared Resources and Performance
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