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The Silk Cloud DB Virtualization Platform makes your cloud smarter in every way. It allows you to scale flexibly and on-demand, while delivering even better performance than ever before. And with dynamic provisioning, your databases in the cloud not only run perfectly – they also cost you way less.

Silk Flex Orchestrate every process

With Silk’s Flex Dashboard, you’re in complete control of your cloud data. See every detail in-depth and in real-time, and scale up or down instantly using a simple drag and drop.

Clarity Optimize every penny

Silk Clarity shows you exactly which features, data, and performance you use – so you can finally stop paying for what you don’t. With powerful machine-learning analytics, you see what you paid for and where you can save, so you always put your money where your cloud is.

Reduce Your Size

Make your cloud data incredibly more efficient with deduplication, zero elimination, and compression.

Protect Your Data

Preserve and secure your cloud data no matter where it is, with encryption, replication, and zero-footprint clones.

Connect Your Clouds

Activate all your cloud data across platforms to deliver incredible performance from every asset you have.

Supercharge and Orchestrate Your Databases All your data, together as one.

Close your eyes. Imagine all your cloud data gliding freely between all databases, apps, and data structures. Imagine giving all your data a massive performance boost while making it more flexible at the same time. You’re not dreaming. You’re just thinking of Silk supercharging and orchestrating your databases, freeing your data to move smoothly wherever you want it to.

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