Supercharge Your Databases
in the Azure CloudSee 10x better performance of mission-critical databases on Azure

Game Changing Performance For Azure

Boost performance and do more of what the cloud does best. Provision perfectly and make
the most of every resource. Cut costs and keep growing like crazy. With Silk, life in the cloud is easy

10x Higher
Performance and Scale

Run any workload much faster without the need to refactor

Higher Resiliency
and Availability

Your database are always-on

Better Cost

Optimize your database footprint and compute while reducing licensing costs

Lightning-Speed For Any Database On Azure

Never compromise on your performance

Decouple the relationship between capacity and performance. Enjoy services such as deduplication, data reduction, thin provisioning, and zero-footprint clones.

Why Silk

Ultra High

Run 10x faster and
shorten run time


Avoid inconsistency and performance degradations


Support constantly
changing workloads


Avoid waste
of IOPS provisioning

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