Silk Platform for Any Public Cloud

Achieve better performance and reduce costs with Silk

Living the Cloud Dream.

No refactoring. No compromises. Just pure cloud bliss.

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Solutions for Any Vendor

Higher Azure Performance - Much Lower Spend

Replace Disk Storage with Cloud Compute and Silk and blow past performance and capacity limitations while also enjoying that sweet, sweet commitment discount.

Learn About Silk on Azure

Solutions For Any Architecture

The Best of Both Clouds

Move data freely between public and private clouds, so you can enjoy the benefits of hybrid cloud while staying fully compliant with all the security and privacy stuff.

Rich Tier 1 Data Services

Real-Time Data Reduction
Thin Provisioning for Optimal Capacity
Zero-Footprint Clones
Shared Resources and Performance
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Silk for Multicloud

From data mobility to cutting costs, here is why Silk is right for you!
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The Silk Platform on Microsoft Azure

Discover the benefits of Silk on Azure versus native Azure alone.
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Silk Cloud Data Platform on Google Cloud Platform

Discover the benefits of Silk on GCP versus native GCP alone.
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Silk Cloud Data Platform for the Private Cloud

Prefer to keep your data in your own private cloud? We got you covered!
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