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Up to 10X Faster Performance Compared to Native Cloud Alone

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The Fastest Cloud Performance – Hands Down!

Silk gets you up to 10x faster performance compared to native cloud alone.
Making it ideal for mission-critical applications like Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server.

Performance ≠ Capacity

Silk decouples performance from capacity so you can optimize performance without paying for extra storage you don’t need.

Consistent, Dramatic Reductions in Latency

Silk offloads tasks from the network to the compute layer, reducing latency between 3-30x for the fastest application responsiveness.

Shared Multitenant Datastore

Multiple databases connected to one Silk Data Pod? No problem! Continue to achieve peak performance without the need to overprovision or make frequent adjustments.

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The Numbers Speak for Themselves

Demonstrated IOPS read performance gain vs Azure Native Storage
Lowest proven latency on Google Cloud
Higher throughput than Azure NetApp Files
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Enterprise Data Services

Shrink your data to save as you scale. Silk’s enterprise data services keep your storage footprint to a minimum – 2-5x or more! Instantaneous, zero-footprint snapshots give you on-demand and unlimited access to data without impacting performance or driving up your cloud bill for multiple copies of the same data. Thin provisioning allows you to only pay for the cloud resources you use while keeping capacity on-demand. And deduplication, zero elimination, and real-time compression help your cloud resources go further.

Relax! Silk Has Your Back

With Silk, availability of your applications on the cloud is an afterthought. Silk’s self-healing architecture and machine-learning monitoring keeps track of cloud maintenance windows and usage patterns to avoid disruptions and anticipate and preemptively address potential issues. Our active-active architecture spreads data management across cloud zones and eliminates single-points-of-failure.

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