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Insulate your workloads from cloud instability

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Simplify Lifecycle Management for Your Cloud Databases

Active-active, N+1 architecture for whatever the internet throws at you.

Silk provides maximum resiliency with an active-active architecture that is robust to one or more node failures at each layer of the Silk stack, enabling continuity even with planned or unexpected cloud turbulence.

Get more 9's on the same infrastructure, with less stress

Silk’s self-healing architecture tracks cloud platform maintenance windows to proactively avoid disruptions, increasing resiliency and recovery while reducing manual effort.

Easily build HA & DR with Silk and MS SQL Always On, Oracle DataGuard, or Silk replication.

Set your critical workloads up with continuity using synchronous and/or asynchronous replication across availability zones, across regions, or even across multiple clouds. 

Complement your backup solutions with Silk's snapshots for rapid recovery

Leverage Silk’s zero footprint, instantaneous snapshots to quickly restore a recent point in time capture of your data. Get back to work faster in a pinch.

Sleep soundly with Silk monitors your cloud and learns your usage patterns.

Silk’s native machine-learning-based monitoring anticipates issues and addresses them before they occur.

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How Silk Accelerates Cloud Performance


Independently set and grow performance and compute, precisely to your needs

Shared Multi-tenant Datastore

Pooled resources cut down cloud waste by taking advantage of the different need patterns of multiple workloads

Data Services

Increase efficient use of resources by shrinking your capacity footprint