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Priceline Sees Significant Increase in Google Cloud Performance with Silk

To make a long story short...

Who are they?

Priceline is a world leader in online travel deals.

What did they need?

The flexibility and agility of Google Cloud with fast performance that didn’t exceed their cloud budget.

How did Silk help?

Silk gave Priceline the ability to quickly spin up cloud resources with faster performance than they’d achieve through native cloud alone.

What were the results?

Significantly faster performance within their budget

Greater ease of manageability of cloud resources

And now for the details.

Priceline.com Overview

Priceline, part of Booking Holdings Inc, is a world leader in travel deals. They offer exclusive discounts on hotels, flights, alternative accommodations, rental cars, cruises, and travel packages. Priceline negotiates great deals every day and are constantly adding new deals to their website and app as well as distributing them through their partnership brand, the Priceline Partner Network. For Priceline, and their customers, every trip is a big deal. That’s why their purpose is to help customers experience the moments that matter.

Business Challenges

Priceline strives to provide a great online user experience for its customers. That is why it decided to move from on-prem to Google Cloud. Google Cloud would allow them to deploy new code faster and spin up infrastructure easier in order to enhance their website. All without maintaining the overhead that comes from maintaining on-prem infrastructure. Priceline wanted to be sure that when they moved to Google Cloud, they would be able to achieve the highest level of performance possible while also keeping their cloud budget under control.

“I would recommend Silk to other companies because of the manageability and performance it provides. It reduces the costs and resources [being paid for]  by your engineering team. Silk is a game changer for Priceline.”
Frank Magaletta | Sr. Director of Infrastructure

Silk for Google Cloud

Priceline turned to Silk to help with that. The Silk Cloud DB Virtualization Platform delivers up to 10x faster performance compared to native cloud alone, without changing a thing about customers’ underlying applications or infrastructure. Silk does this through the use of rich enterprise data services – such as data replication, zero-footprint snapshots, and deduplication. With always-on availability and unbreakable data resiliency, Silk is the ideal solution for customers who are looking to move their most important data to the public cloud.


Priceline saw a significant increase in performance by leveraging the Silk Cloud DB Virtualization Platform. This boost in performance made it possible to cut back on overprovisioning to achieve the desired level of performance their workloads needed – thus helping to keep their cloud budget in check.

Along with all of this, Silk offered much more for the Priceline team. “The one thing my team was surprised about was the ease of use and manageability of the Silk platform,” said Frank Magaletta, Sr. Director of Infrastructure. “We’re able to spin up nodes, spin up controllers, reduce performance or increase performance when necessary. The ease of manageability has been a real delight for our engineers to interact with.”

Priceline is now looking to continue moving more workloads to the cloud with Silk  providing the performance and ease of use that these workloads need. “I would recommend Silk to other companies because of the manageability and performance it provides,” says Frank. “It reduces the costs and resources [being paid for] by your engineering teams. Silk is a gamechanger for Priceline in the cloud.”

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