The Data Virtualization Platform
Scale your cloud. Not your cost.

A global, multi-cloud platform for every workload. Silk future-proofs your cloud journey, delivering breakthrough performance today for transformative value tomorrow.

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Achieve the cloud promise of flexibility and scale for every workload – even your most monolithic mission-critical databases – without overprovisioning (and overpaying) and without compromising on performance. Whether your cloud serves external customers or internal stakeholders, Silk is helping leaders future-proof their cloud journeys. Silk helped them scale their cloud. Not their cost.

Unlock the Cloud Potential of Your
Mission-Critical Workloads

Significant, Sustainable Cost Savings
and The End of Overprovisioning

Break free of the “share-nothing” limitations of cloud-native infrastructure and improve your cost efficiency as you scale. Silk allows mixed workloads to seamlessly share the same platform – no need to separately provision for peak performance for each system. Use thin provisioning for on-demand capacity without paying for idle infrastructure. Silk’s patented real-time data reduction continuously minimizes your storage footprint for you.

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“Pager-Free Operations” with Silk’s
Self-Healing Infrastructure

Silk provides full lifecycle automation, minimizing the moving parts and continuously aligning capacity to demand. Platform-aware automation automatically accounts for cloud maintenance windows, proactively avoiding brownouts and outages. Self-healing infrastructure provides more 9’s of availability without 24x7 manual monitoring.

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Up to 10X Performance
on the Same Infrastructure

Skip the “cloud performance tax” of overprovisioning to try to hit the throughput and IOPS levels you need. Get 5-10x increase over native cloud storage for responsive applications and timely data. Use intelligent elasticity for consistent performance without brownouts or overprovisioning.

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Any Business Application
Mission Critical Apps
Real-Time ML Analytics
DevOps /Microservices
BI Data Warehouse
Every Critical System
Electronic Health Records
Cloud Compute
Cloud DB Virtualization Platform
  • Two-Tier Virtualization
  • Shared Multitenant Datastore
  • Enterprise Data Services
  • Dynamic DB Blocksize Alignment
Cloud Storage Infrastructure – Single or Multicloud

The Four Components of Silk’s Platform

Two-Tier Virtualization

Silk sits in between your cloud-hosted database and your cloud storage resources. This cloud-native optimization layer offloads data services from the host database virtual machines and accelerates performance with
the underlying storage.

  • Scale on demand and efficiently with Silk’s breakthrough decoupling of performance from compute and storage.
  • Strengthen your competitive edge using Silk. Reduce risk from global supply chain by escaping on premise hosting and leveraging cloud-native infrastructure. Avoid vendor lock-in with Silk’s multi-cloud architecture, enabling business resilience as your cloud needs evolve.
  • No refactoring required. Easily transport your databases to the cloud, without the risk of massive development efforts. Lift, shift, and evolve with Silk!

Enterprise Data Services

  • Save money as you scale. Silk’s data services continuously shrink your storage footprint, while improving performance. Deduplication, zero elimination and real-time compression shrink data by 2x to 5x – or more!
  • Use thin-provisioning to only pay for the cloud resources you actually use while retaining on-demand capacity.
  • Instantaneous, zero-footprint snapshots give you on-demand, unlimited, writeable access to the data, without performance impacts or paying for the same data multiple times.

Shared Multitenant Datastore

  • Improve your cloud operational efficiency with shared infrastructure. Gain the benefit of pooled resources to reduce overprovisioning.
  • Deploy transactional, analytical, and mixed workloads together on the same datastore to get “every penny you paid for” out of your cloud infrastructure.
  • Effortlessly grow as your business scales with dynamic storage reallocation.

Dynamic DB Blocksize Alignment

  • Let Silk algorithmically adjust blocksizes to provide integrated, multi-workload optimization
  • Achieve greater performance with adaptive log-structured datastore, with no database changes or additional tuning required
  • Accelerate any database or workload with Silk’s cloud-agnostic, workload-agnostic design.

Get Started with Silk Easily and Experience
10x Faster Performance For Your Databases in the Cloud

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