The Silk Cloud Data Platform

All You Need to Run Your Business-Critical Systems in the Cloud

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Designed Differently for Your Most Important Systems

Silk’s unique virtualized architecture and data management systems add flexibility to your cloud stack, holistically meeting the needs of essential databases and applications.

Accelerate Your Data

Silk uses fast compute networks and powerful VMs to deliver unmatched throughput and IOPS to databases and applications at sub-millisecond latency. All while decoupling performance from capacity for the most optimized experience.

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Eliminate Cloud Waste

Optimize both performance and capacity with Silk’s shared architecture. Pool performance across multiple databases to minimize overhead, while thin provisioning and Silk’s Enterprise Data Services shrink your capacity footprint.

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Simplify Cloud Management

Need to scale how your organization uses your valuable data? Leverage Silk’s Data Lifecycle Management features to put data into the right hands and systems faster, automate data refreshes, and simplify sharing data between systems.

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Be Proactively Resilient

Each layer of the Silk architecture is built with n+1 elements in active-active setups to mitigate cloud volatility. Silk’s self-healing systems proactively handle cloud maintenance to avoid disruptions and rapidly recover from cloud turbulence.

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Silk's Architecture Fits Your Infrastructure to Your Needs

Hack the cloud stack to get leading performance for your capacity needs

To get the most performance storage, you need to break free from traditional storage itself. Silk on VMs builds our capacity layer out of virtual machines instead of storage to get the absolute maximum throughput and IOPS from the cloud at sub-millisecond latency.

Level up cloud native managed disks to balance resilience and performance

Applications that are especially sensitive can leverage Silk on Managed Disks. Silk composes its capacity layer using cutting-edge managed disk resources such as Microsoft Azure Premium v2 disks, combining the inherent benefits of those disks with Silk’s performance layer, enterprise data services, and resilient architecture.

The Fastest Reads You Need!

Whether you use Silk on VMs or Managed Disks, we've got options to give you the fastest reads possible.

Read Transaction Boost

Minimize Latency While Maximizing Transactions

Handle more users, customers, and transactions with Silk's Read Acceleration. Added caching in Silk's performance layer enables up to 2.1 million IOPS from one Silk Data Pod, all while further reducing latency. Reduce transaction times and improve your conversion or accelerate your internal development and innovation!

Read Throughput Boost

Cut Out the Middleman to Get Up to 26.4 GB/s

Your most data hungry applications need special handling. Silk provides extreme amounts of throughput by minimizing the data path to the bare essentials, all while maintaining our flexible performance and storage layers.


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Curious how to bring your architecture to the cloud or where Silk fits into the process? Learn how SimCorp transformed their industry-leading software solution into a SaaS platform, with Silk at the core of their design.

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