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Healthcare on the Cloud Solutions

Cloud computing is the answer that the healthcare industry, including hospitals, providers, pharmacies, clinics, have been looking for. It helps decrease IT infrastructure costs. It provides more sophisticated security and an easier solution for Disaster Recovery (DR). It enables easier implementation of automated HIPAA controls when running on HIPAA-compliant clouds. And it makes better care for patients possible through improved provider integration and virtual care options. But getting to the cloud has its challenges – especially for some of the more complex medical workloads, such as electronic medical records.

Enter Silk, which was recently validated by Epic. Silk makes it possible to lift and shift even the most complex workloads, such as your electronics medical records or population health management, into the public cloud. Meaning you’ll be able to quickly enable all safeguards needed in order to stay HIPAA-compliant. If you’re new to the cloud, Silk makes it possible to test out a DR use case – the perfect stepping stone to expanding your cloud experience before moving into production. And Silk does all this while offering the same high performance that you’ve come to expect from your on-prem solution. So don’t continue to invest a lot of money and resources maintaining your on-premise datacenter in order to support today’s healthcare initiatives. Instead, leverage Silk and add performance, scalability, and reliability quickly, easily, and on-demand. Without the need for a major additional investment and all while keeping your cloud budget in check.

Why Silk For Healthcare

Really Get to Know Your Patients

Move to the cloud faster to take advantage of system interoperability and advanced AI or ML capabilities that allow you to fully understand a patient’s health information.

Telehealth Becomes Reality

Silk’s high-speed performance allows you to make sense of all the health data that is generated from virtual care, allowing for faster diagnosis.

Meet Fluctuating Demands

Massive reporting tasks, such as crunching the numbers for population health, can stress your system and decrease performance. Silk makes it easy to scale up to complete data analysis tasks and scale back down to keep costs in check.

The Performance Healthcare Needs

Silk offers the highest level of performance not he cloud for the most complex medical workloads - such as electronic medical records. See what boost Silk can offer you: