What do we all want?

We all can probably align on many things we would like: World peace? Eliminate climate change?  Chelsea to win the quadruple? Max Verstappen not to win all the Grand Prix? (maybe some of those are more specific to me?) A good night’s sleep? An easy day at the office?

Unfortunately, we can’t bring world peace or stop climate change (and if I had a fail-proof way of getting Chelsea to win, I would), but Silk’s bread and butter has always been to make your day-to-day at the office easier. As companies are increasingly modernizing applications by moving them to the cloud, Silk makes it easier to get those hard-to-migrate, mission-critical applications onto shared infrastructure in the cloud. Not only that, but Silk also then helps to optimize resource usage and make these applications run faster and more efficiently in the cloud. 

But we aren’t stopping there. After getting your most important applications and relational databases to the cloud of your choice, what else can Silk do to make life easier for CEOs, CIOs and DBAs?

Today, we’re excited to introduce you to Silk’s brand-new Database as a Service (DBaaS) offering which will take even more management and day-to-day responsibility off your plate. The offering is ideal for those database applications that you simply don’t have time to refactor or modernize for the cloud. Our team of world-class experts will manage your database of choice in your own cloud subscription. They will work on your behalf to proactively administer, update, monitor, and optimize your databases, freeing up your team’s time to focus on their business goals of delivering projects and values. 

Let’s take a look at one example as to why the Silk DBaaS offering might be right for you. Let’s say your organization is experiencing rapid growth – and competition – in its space. To respond better to changing requirements, the team modernizes its application by moving it – and the database supporting it — to the cloud. In addition, to increase the team’s ability to quickly respond to changing requirements, responsibility and ownership of the company’s database is handed over to the Application team. (Starting to sound familiar?)

Your Application team will be, understandably, concerned. Perhaps they lack the DBA experience needed to manage the database. And given the current economic climate, you might not be able to fill that void with new talent. Not only that, but the process of modernizing your database – whether Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, or whatever relational database you use, can be time-consuming, expensive, and felt doomed to fail. After investigating current Database PaaS options on the market, you find that they offer limited performance, limited functionality, and limited flexibility.

This is where Silk comes in. Not only do we have the extra performance boost and flexibility that your databases require on the cloud, but our new DBaaS offering removes the pressure of ownership of the databases.

We want to give our customers’ CXOs the confidence that their most important databases are being safely looked after by a team focused on supporting your database of choice. So you can get a good night’s rest and have an easier day at the office.

And besides, this should free up plenty of time to dedicate to work out why Max may not win every remaining Grand Prix this year, and how Chelsea will return to their deserved place at the top of the Table. But again, this might just be something that only I am concerned about.

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