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Silk Announces That It Is the IP Co-Sell Incentivized Partner to Microsoft Azure

Silk today announced that it is now an IP co-sell incentivized partner to Microsoft Azure, bringing a high performing, supercharger solution to customers’ databases and mission-critical applications in the cloud.

As a partner, not only will Silk be available to the Microsoft Azure marketplace, but the two organizations will begin jointly selling Silk to Azure customers who need to maximize their database performance in the cloud. Silk is a smart, resilient, and invisible layer on top of Azure that allows customers to achieve lightning-fast speeds while maximizing their database resiliency. In fact, with the Silk platform on their Azure infrastructure, customers can see 1 million IOPS and 20 GB/s for Read Bandwidth for mission-critical databases. This speed ensures that Azure customers are able to take full advantage of their infrastructure.

With Silk, customers will be able to achieve the high performance needed to run databases on Azure. For example, customers have seen up to 10x faster performance of their Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server databases by using Silk on Azure while protecting their databases from any possible failure.

Silk offers 99.9999 resiliency and no single point of failure. And with the ability to move data between zones and regions, your data is always available.

“We are thrilled to be working with Microsoft Azure to bring our high-performance platform to their customers’ databases,” said Dani Golan, CEO, Silk. “The orchestration and optimization power of Silk coupled with Azure will enable customers to achieve faster performance, far better resiliency, and more flexibility and agility.”  

About Silk

Silk supercharges your databases in the cloud, so they reach performance levels you’ve never even dreamed of. Silk adds a smart, resilient, yet invisible layer that transforms your database into a cloud powerhouse, allowing it to optimize your database without any change to your DB or applications, making your cloud environment run 10x faster and your entire stack more resilient to any infrastructure hiccups or malfunctions. The Silk Platform sits neatly between your cloud infrastructure and your database, so whether you need faster, consistent response time in your real-time databases, or need to accelerate your analytics – Silk supercharges the performance you need. So why underperform when you can Silk instead?

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