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eToro Shortens Cloud Adoption by 50% with Silk

To make a long story short...

Who are they?

eToro is a global multi-asset investment platform.

What did they need?

Fast adoption of Microsoft Azure for their business-critical, performance-sensitive SQL Server database environment

How did Silk help?

Enabled successful adoption of Azure while providing the same levels of high performance eToro had come to expect on-prem

What were the results?

50% shorter Azure adoption
Hundreds of thousands of database transactions/sec
Sub-millisecond response time under heavy and unpredictable loads

And now for the details.

eToro Overview

eToro was founded in 2007 with the vision of opening the global markets for everyone to be able to invest and trade in a simple and transparent way. With customers from over 100 different countries using their platform to invest in multiple asset classes. eToro has built the world’s largest social investment network in which customers from all over the world can connect and exchange investment opportunities and ideas and invest collaboratively.

Business Challenges

eToro is a community of over 20 million customers and is experiencing rapid growth that their on-prem datacenters weren’t able to keep up with. “Migrating to the cloud was a strategic decision,” explains Israel Kalush, VP of Engineering, eToro. “We’ve decided to reduce our on-prem footprint as much as possible in order to improve our ability and global footprint.” While moving into the Microsoft Azure cloud offered greater and more cost-efficient scalability, determining the best way to migrate into Azure presented a problem. After considering a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution, eToro realized that refactoring their databases and applications to support this type of migration would take too long and presented too much risk. However, the alternative of leveraging Azure’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) didn’t give eToro the high levels of performance that their SQL Server workloads – and end customers – demanded.

“While some applications can be migrated easily into the cloud, others – especially ones that require high throughput IO with very low latency – are more complicated and require significant redesign. And significant redesign is expensive and, therefore, less likely to take place,” said Israel.

“Silk allowed eToro to accelerate its Azure adoption while ensuring that we have sufficient scalability to support our growing community of customers with the highest performance.”
Israel Kalush | VP of Engineering

Introducing the Silk Cloud DB Virtualization Platform on Azure

Enter Silk. The Silk Cloud DB Virtualization Platform sits between customers’ workloads and the underlying infrastructure, making it easy to accelerate cloud adoption by simply lifting and shifting the entire complex workload into the cloud. Silk delivers up to 10x faster performance compared to native cloud alone, without changing a thing about customers’ underlying applications or infrastructure. Through the use of enterprise data services – such as data reduction, zero-footprint snapshots, and inline deduplication – Silk users are able to reduce the number of cloud resources being used, in turn slashing their cloud bill by roughly 30%. With always-on availability and unbreakable data resiliency, Silk is the ideal solution for customers who are looking to move their most important data to the public cloud.


Silk accelerated eToro’s adoption of Azure, decreasing the time to adoption by 50%. Silk delivered game-changing performance, allowing eToro to complete hundreds of thousands of transactions per second. “We have some extremely IO-intensive databases. Silk was the only provider that actually promised and delivered on sub-millisecond latency for those database applications.” And with Silk’s consistently low response time under heavy loads, the eToro team is confident that its customers will be able to continue making trades.

Says Israel: “Silk allowed eToro to accelerate its Azure adoption while ensuring that we have sufficient scalability to support our growing community of customers with the highest performance.”

Ready to accelerate your own cloud adoption? Visit www.silk.us to learn more.



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