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Online Retailer Sees Faster Than On-Prem Performance for Microsoft SQL Server on Google Cloud with Silk

To make a long story short...

Who are they?

A furniture and home goods e-commerce company.

What did they need?

To meet a company mandate to move out of on-prem datacenter and into the cloud while still getting fast performance for Microsoft SQL Server workloads.

How did Silk help?

Silk accelerated their SQL Server databases with faster performance on Google Cloud than they even saw on-prem.

What were the results?

0.2 ms faster speeds than previous on-prem solution

3.2 GB/s throughput per SQL host (4 hosts per Silk data pod)

And now for the details.

Company Overview

The customer is a furniture and home goods e-commerce company.

Business Challenges

The company had a corporate objective to get all its data out of on-premises datacenter with a strict deadline to make this happen. The team had moved its 40 Microsoft SQL Server hosts to Google Cloud, but they kept hitting throughput limitations. With the deadline bearing down on them, the team knew they didn’t have time to refactor their SQL databases and needed a way to get faster performance on Google Cloud as quickly as possible.

Introducing the Silk Cloud DB Virtualization Platform

To help give the customer a performance boost, Google Cloud brought in its partner, Silk. The Silk Cloud DB Virtualization Platform sits between customers’ workloads and the cloud and delivers up to 10x faster performance without changing a thing about the underlying applications or infrastructure. Silk does this using rich enterprise data services — such as data replication, zero-footprint snapshots, and deduplication. With always-on availability and unbreakable data resiliency, Silk is the ideal solution for customers who are looking to move their most mission-critical data to the cloud.

The Results

0.2 ms faster than the company’s previous on-prem solution, the results from the test drive of Silk were so dramatic that the customer immediately pushed the platform into production. Not only that, Silk offered 3.2 GB/s throughput per SQL host (with up to 4 SQL hosts living on each Silk data pod). Not only were all performance limitations on Google Cloud eliminated with Silk, but the customer was also able to make their cloud resources more cost efficient: Silk’s data services offered the company 3:1 data reduction allowing them to make the most of their current cloud resources.

The company plans to continue to migrate more of its Microsoft SQL Server workloads to Silk on Google Cloud over the coming months with the confidence that they will be able to meet the company deadline for migrating completely to the cloud.

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