Public cloud infrastructure is an ideal option for companies looking for a flexible, scalable solution. But when it comes to mission-critical workloads, there is some hesitation about moving off-prem. These workloads need ultra-high performance that the cloud really can’t meet. But for companies that need fast performance and are interested in migrating to the cloud, all is not lost. In this post, we’ll look at how Soccour Solutions was able to offer its client 40-60% faster performance with a cloud solution by using the Silk Cloud Data Platform.

Who is Soccour Solutions?

Soccour Solutions is a Business Solutions Provider based out of Dallas, Texas. One of its clients creates a seismic and geological interpretation software for the oil and gas industry. Using this software, oil and gas companies can quickly and accurately find and drill oil. This software is super important since it helps minimize errors that can cost the companies thousands of dollars. 

So What Was the Issue?

What else is the issue in 2020? COVID-19! The software suite is typically run via on-prem, physical workstations. But because workers needed to access the software remotely from their homes, Soccour’s client wanted to offer the flexibility of a SaaS solution that could run on AWS. 

The software suite had a few major requirements: It needed a high-performance solution to meet its 3D visualization demands, and it had to be able to run high volumes of data.

And That’s Where Silk Came In? 

Exactly! With the Silk Cloud Data Platform, Soccour’s client saw 40-60% faster performance than they had on-prem. Silk also beat the maximum speed of native AWS: 1.6MB/s versus a cool 400MB/s.

In the words of David Duncan, Principal Solutions Engineer at Soccour: “It used to be that the users would fire up the data-loading process on the software, walk away, grab coffee, do some water cooler talk, and then come back an hour later to find the data loaded.”  

And now with Silk? Well, you should probably get that coffee to go.

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