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RMOUG Training Days 2024 is February 8-9 at the Lowry Conference Center in Denver

This year’s theme is “Navigating Change” and RMOUG is organizing sessions centered around four primary topics: Database/DBaaS, Analytics/Developer, Cloud, and Emerging Technologies. Additionally, they’re launching Sponsor sessions.

Kellyn Gorman from Silk is presenting, The Preparation for Migrating Multi-tier Systems to the Cloud.

The Preparation for Migrating Multi-tier Systems to the Cloud Kellyn Gorman, Director of Data and AI, Silk

The discussion will highlight the distinctive infrastructure needs of applications and relational databases, emphasizing the significance of discerning these variances to craft a fitting cloud framework. Additionally, the presentation will examine the diverse cloud service models, including PaaS and IaaS, emphasizing their respective strengths and applications.

The talk will also emphasize the necessity of understanding latency and resource needs during the transition to the cloud, especially for latency-sensitive applications and databases. To guarantee optimal performance, it’s essential to correctly assess and allocate resources such as storage, computational power, and network capacity. Furthermore, a comprehensive view of the broader ecosystem, encompassing aspects like network design, file servers, and system integration, is vital to ensure a smooth cloud migration process.

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