Webinar: Top 3 Factors Delaying Cloud Migration & How to Address Them

According to Gartner, 85% of today’s core IT applications were not built for the cloud. And, if you are looking to move business-critical applications to the public cloud and find refactoring is not an option, you are not alone. Seemingly “untouchable” workloads that run in on-prem data centers, are typically 5+ TB in size, and are latency-sensitive require special attention when migrating to the cloud. You might need more performance than what the public cloud can provide natively today.

In this webinar, we discuss the top 3 factors delaying cloud migration of business-critical applications:

  1. Reaching the cloud performance your business requires
  2. Building resilient cloud infrastructure with high availability
  3. Scaling resource capacity efficiently without overprovisioning


Learn the latest best practices to lift, shift, and modernize business-critical applications on the cloud.

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