2022 was a monumental year here at Silk. We continued to grow, our product continued to improve, and we were recognized for the outstanding achievements that the Silk platform brings to the industry. Below is a quick recap of what we were able to achieve in the cloud industry in 2022:

Achieving Faster Cloud Computing Performance

The Silk Cloud Data Virtualization Platform brings unmatched cloud computing performance to mission-critical databases. In 2022, with increased scale in the platform combined with the latest compute types, Silk was able to achieve up to 16.4GB per second and 2 million transfer per second from a single Silk data pod, along with consistent sub-millisecond latency. Having the fastest performance possible is critical for organizations who increasingly are facing corporate initiatives to migrate workloads to the cloud. For “untouchable” workloads, such as Oracle database or Microsoft SQL Server, native cloud alone often doesn’t give enough power to properly support the high performance needs of these applications. With Silk, they are able to get the fast performance they need and get these “untouchable” workloads into the cloud.

Improved Cost-Efficiency in the Cloud

Another way that Silk proved its value in 2022 was through its price-performance dynamic. With the Silk virtualized architecture, customers can leverage the latest compute types to boost performance by up to 45%. Working with the Microsoft Azure team, in 2022, Silk was able to demonstrate 10GB per second and 700k transfers per second from a single Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server database on a single VM running standard database software. With greater performance at a more reasonable price, it is easier for companies to get their cloud computing performance needs met while staying within budget.

New Heights in Resiliency and Availability

Downtime in the cloud is a worry many customers face. Which is why Silk has always made improved resiliency and availability of workloads in the cloud a top priority. In 2022, Silk launched several new capabilities including Fast Failback and Continuous Rebuild, that further improve Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) and uptime for mission-critical applications.

New Companies Are Reaping the Benefits of Silk

Companies across industries are already taking advantage of these new improvements in the Silk platform. In healthcare, one new customer is Optima Health. The managed care division of another Silk customer, Sentara Healthcare, Optima Health is using Silk to get faster performance for Microsoft SQL Server databases on Microsoft Azure while reducing the cost of delivery.

In the finance industry, integrated investment management solution provider, SimCorp, is using Silk to migrate and support demanding customer workloads on Azure while delivering a desired customer experience. And WEX, a payment systems organization, is able to migrate key applications to Azure while delivering on their performance goals within controlled costs.

Looking Ahead at 2023

We, at Silk, are always looking for ways to continuously improve and refine our offerings to better meet customer needs. We’re hyper focused on delivering the highest performance in cloud computing at the best value – all while improving your resiliency, availability, and manageability. We can’t wait to see what 2023 has in store.

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