Silk is pleased to announce it has been selected as a finalist in Business Intelligence Group’s 2021 Stratus Awards for Cloud Computing. We are thrilled to be included among the other “companies and individuals innovating in the Cloud and providing offerings that are truly differentiated in the market.”

Recognition is a nice path to validation (earlier this year, we were awarded the 2021 Product of the Year Award by Cloud Computing Magazine), and BI Group awards are peer-reviewed, employing a unique “wisdom of the crowd” approach to judging entries. Industry leaders read, score, and judge nominations. They are encouraged to provide nominees with insight into the good, the bad, and the ugly, enabling companies to maximize the valued perception of their performance through the lens of peers. This feedback allows nominees to revisit their overall approach to the market, using this valuable data to inform decision-making.

Silk was recognized as a finalist, but what stands out is that we are part of a visionary, growing community, essential for furthering innovation. Forrester revised its forecast that the global public cloud infrastructure market would grow by 28% in 2021. It now believes growth will reach 35% in 2021, to reach $120 billion, driven by the rise of decentralized and remote workplaces during Covid.

When the cloud took off in the early aughts, it was much simpler to use. Companies were wrapping their heads around cloud and what it meant for business. They began moving some data. Scaling up was easy and could be done whenever and however users wanted. But time catalyzed innovation, and with it, cloud complexity spiraled out of control. The bigger it got, the more problems it produced for companies that were now paralyzed by their own doing.

Silk was born out of a need to support organizations that wanted to reap the benefits of cloud without the headaches of navigating data reconfiguration, migration and optimization issues—an overwhelming, often unsuccessful task. With Silk, users could move workloads between cloud vendors more quickly, to the private cloud or on-prem. Our data shows that Silk customers achieve up to 10x the performance from their existing cloud data while spending, on average, 30% less.

This is a result of Silk’s innovation and the support provided by industry partners. Because of the ingenuity of companies like those that we congratulate on receiving recognition like a Stratus award, Silk can focus on its core mission: enabling access to data quickly and efficiently.

A recent Gartner report says companies will be spending over $480 billion on public cloud services next year. Whether to aid in remote collaboration or work toward more sustainable infrastructures, companies everywhere are moving their mission-critical data to public clouds. The need for enablers, like Silk, is growing exponentially. And we’re grateful for an industry that shares in our pursuit of excellence for cloud computing, and an understanding that reaching excellence is, contrary to popular belief, a team sport.

Thank you to Business Intelligence Group for recognizing Silk, and congratulations to all the other 2021 Cloud Stratus Award winners and finalists!

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