Last week, the Silk team was excited to attend its first HIMSS event. We had a booth on the exhibition floor surrounded by some of the most innovative healthcare companies in the business – including Microsoft for which Silk is an IP Co-Sell Partner .  From the floor, we were able to offer hundreds of attendees demonstrations of how the Silk Cloud Platform offers electronic health record (EHR) workloads the fastest performance on the cloud.

This might have been Silk’s first time appearing at HIMSS, but we’ve been enmeshed with healthcare customers for quite a while. Take Sentara Healthcare, for example. Sentara is an Azure customer who was looking to move its EHR workloads from on-prem to Azure. They were concerned about achieving the same level of performance they had grown accustomed to with an on-prem solution, and with the cost associated with  achieving this level of performance.

With Silk on Azure, Sentara was able to achieve up to 3x faster performance, bringing them to performance levels rivaling what they had previously experienced on-prem. And with 2:1 data compression using Silk’s native enterprise data services, they were able to reduce their cloud costs by 20%.

According to Sentara Chief Architect, Matt Douglas, “The performance with Silk on Azure could not be met by any other cloud solution for our most intense workloads, including our EHR. Silk and Azure offer a powerful combination for complex workloads on the cloud.”

Silk shared how it helps healthcare organizations move their largest, most complex workloads – such as EHR and other mission-critical workloads to the cloud – in lightning round sessions on the exhibition floor. The session, “Improve Patient Experience & Care with EHR in the Cloud,” was led by Silk CTO, Derek Swanson. Derek explained how healthcare companies today want to deliver new care, expand services, and upgrade their patient experience. The public cloud enables these transformational efforts, but healthcare organizations might not be convinced that the cloud is the right choice for their mission-critical EHR workloads. Derek shared how Silk makes it possible to enable production-level cloud adoption of complex and heavy workloads and stressed how important this transformation is to healthcare modernization.

“In migrating EHR workloads to the cloud, healthcare organizations can take advantage of the scalability, elasticity, and performance that Microsoft Azure provides, which is built on a trusted cloud platform with over 90+ compliance offerings.​ The work being done by Silk and Sentara demonstrates and showcases the benefits of migrating workloads to Azure.”, said Hina Patel, Chief Growth Officer, US Healthcare at Microsoft.

If you attended HIMSS this year but didn’t get a chance to stop by the Silk booth – or even if you didn’t attend HIMSS at all – you can still get a demo of Silk and see how it helps Azure customers get the fastest performance possible for their most mission-critical workloads and applications. Visit request a demo today!