The cloud is the best thing to happen to business in a long time.

It may even be the greatest technological advancement since the fax machine which was a pretty big deal back in the ‘80s-90s….

When the cloud started to take off in the early 2000s, it was much simpler to use. We were all putting less data into the cloud so scaling up was easy, and we could do it whenever, or however, we wanted.

But since then, things have gotten a bit complicated.

Our businesses have become much more sophisticated. For one thing, we’re collecting more and more data (hello, Internet of Things!).

As time has gone on, cloud costs and complexity have spiraled out of control. The more businesses spend on the cloud, the less defined the costs are. The more they rely on it, the less control they have.

So, while it’s a total gamechanger for businesses, the rules the cloud imposes are very hard to live by.

Well, we didn’t like those rules. So, we changed them.

We’re Silk. And we’re on a mission to change the way we cloud. Our Cloud Data Platform helps businesses get way more out of their cloud while spending way less, making everything about life in the cloud way more efficient without making a single change to our customers’ environment.

Like our namesake, our mission is to help customers build the fabric of their cloud infrastructure to be stronger, yet more flexible; lighter, yet more powerful; agile, yet more durable. And also like silk, our simplicity is our sophistication.

So welcome to the new rules of cloud. We think you’ll like them.