Retailers are juggling more and more mission-critical data on a daily basis: from customer information and payment details to logistics and analytics. One of the largest challenges that retailers face with this influx of data is keeping up and using the information in their databases in a timely manner to reap the most benefits.

Having immediate access to your most mission-critical data is crucial. And as more retailers either migrate or build their databases in the cloud, it is more important than ever that their cloud infrastructure offer them the high level of performance that their applications demand.

In this post, well look at some of the reasons why having high performance is necessary for successfully running a retail business, why your current cloud infrastructure might be holding you back, and how to start seeing a dramatic acceleration in your performance today.

The Benefits of Too Much Data

As already mentioned, your companys systems are managing more data than ever before. If sorted, analyzed, and used in the right way, this data can help you identify what products are most popular, what additional products customers are most likely to buy, as well as provide other upsell opportunities.

With artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, many retailers are able to leverage the data that they have to improve sales. AI and machine learning make presenting the right product to the right customer at the right time a piece of cake. But if your infrastructure is experiencing slowed performance, achieving this in a timely manner becomes a bit more of a challenge.

On the Cloud? Your Performance Might Be Suffering…

One challenge to achieving high performance may stem from the use of cloud-based solutions and databases. Many companies are opting for cloud – versus on-prem – solutions as a way to increase flexibility while reducing management needs and costs. While the cloud gives you the flexibility to meet fluctuating needs (for example, scaling up during the busy holiday shopping season and scaling back down during the much quieter month of January), performance numbers from the native cloud vendors leave much to be desired and can become very costly.

Not only that, but cloud vendors typically tie the level of performance to how much cloud resources you buy. So if you buy more resources, youll get a higher level performance. But what happens if you require higher performance… but you dont NEED to buy any more resources? With the public cloud, youre stuck footing the bill for resource capacity you dont need to get the performance you want.

Start Getting Better Performance Today

But there is a way to jumpstart your cloud performance. The Silk Cloud Data Platform is an invisible layer between your cloud infrastructure and your applications and workloads. Specializing in improving the performance of databases and mission-critical applications in the cloud, Silk offers up to 10x faster performance than native cloud alone. Whether you have Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Aerospike, Cassandra, or any other database, Silk turns your databases on the cloud into a powerhouse and offers users greater resiliency, ensuring their architecture is always on.

Silk also deconstructs the performance-for-capacity pricing model. So you only pay for the performance AND the number of resources that you need. With Silk, customers see up to a 30% reduction in their cloud bill.

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