Webinar: Cloud Snapshots: Use Cases, Challenges, and How to Use Them Effectively

Join us on April 19, 2023 at 11:00am ET (20 minute duration)

Speaker: David Berliner, Senior Director of Product, Silk

Snapshots are point-in-time replicas of a database used for data protection and backup, as well as for activities related to development, testing, reporting, and analytics.

But did you know there are key differences to be aware of when taking snapshots in the cloud compared to on-prem? Namely, that instantaneous, zero-footprint snapshots are not a cloud native capability. Without a platform like Silk, snapshots in the cloud are generally full copies that can take significant time to deploy, consume costly resources, and degrade performance. Without the right tool for the job, you can end up with workflows that are much slower and more expensive to complete than on-prem.

In this 20-minute webinar, we will talk about taking snapshots in the cloud, including common use cases and challenges, and how Silk customers are using snapshots effectively to add business value.

What will be covered

What cloud snapshots are and how they are used

Snapshot workflows in the cloud and how they differ from on-prem

Three interesting and effective customer examples in retail, healthcare, and finance industries

Demos of Silk snapshots, including:
– How to take a snapshot
– How to refresh an environment for dev/test, a common use case
– APIs for scripting and automation (VSS, Ansible, Terraform, Powershell, etc.)
– An example of refreshing 500 TB of data in 10 milliseconds to show the speed at which snapshots are taken and data is restored with Silk