Conversations with GCP: Things To Know Before Migrating

Thanks for joining us for our 5-week series exploring the risks that you need to overcome when migrating to the cloud. You can find all of the videos that are currently available below. We will email you each Thursday when the next video is live.

Happy migrating!

Thu Jan 14 2021
Speaker : Wayne Ariola & Orly Peck

Data Mobility

Having a hybrid and/or multi-cloud strategy means you never have to worry about your workloads being locked in with one particular vendor. But moving the data across the hybrid/multi-cloud isn’t as easy as you think. 

Wed Jan 20 2021
Speaker : Wayne Ariola & Kevin Fitzpatrick

Empowering the Enterprise

Is your current goal complete end-to-end digital transformation? In this installment, we’ll look at how you can optimize your cloud to achieve this goal.

Speakers Section

Wayne Ariola

DevOps Leader and Author

Our host for the series, Wayne Ariola leads us as we deep-dive into the risks of migrating to the cloud.

Kevin Fitzpatrick

Customer Engineer

With his experience working with enterprise and life science cloud customers, Kevin shares how the cloud can empower and accelerate the enterprise

Orly Peck

Director of Product Management

With years of cloud experience under her belt, Orly joins us to discuss how to improve data mobility and performance

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