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Kaminario Announces Company Name Change to Silk

Kaminario, the leading cloud data platform company, today announced that the company will begin operating under the new name of Silk, effective immediately. This rebranding strategy reflects the company’s evolution as well as its vision for the future.

“Our goal has always been to bring our customers the most valuable, high performing, and cost-efficient data platform on the market,” says Dani Golan, CEO, Silk. “With Silk, we are uniquely positioned to solve customers’ largest problems in the hybrid and multi-cloud. We are rewriting the rules of the cloud to make businesses smarter, faster, and fully prepared for whatever the world has in store next.”

More companies are increasingly born in the cloud or are rapidly adopting hybrid cloud infrastructure. Yet these companies often face unique challenges to migrating and maintaining hybrid cloud/multi-cloud infrastructure, including maintaining cloud costs and achieving high performance. The team realized that it offers the perfect solution for businesses to easily overcome these challenges with our Cloud Data Platform.

Silk’s Cloud Data Platform sits between the application stack and the cloud data infrastructure. With real-time data reduction, thin provisioning, and zero-footprint clones, Silk makes data across all clouds run more efficiently, while virtually allocation of data ensures customers are only paying for the data they need. This results in Silk customers seeing 10x more performance for 30% less costs versus native cloud alone.

“From on-premises storage to software-only, and now to the hybrid and multi-cloud, the company is a long way from where it started in 2008,” says Scott Sinclair, Senior Analyst at ESG. “This new evolution is what businesses need now: a technology that helps businesses accelerate their digital initiatives while clamping down on costs. The new name Silk seems appropriate for a company that is delivering strong, powerful technology, that remains light and agile in the cloud.”

About Silk

 Silk’s Cloud Data Platform optimizes everything about life in the cloud, allowing organizations to get ten times the performance out of their existing cloud data while spending 30% less. It fits neatly between your full application stack and cloud infrastructure, making your entire cloud environment run smarter without changing a thing. With real-time data reduction, thin provisioning, and continuous resource optimization, Silk automatically matches your cloud data spend to your actual data needs at every moment, so you can spend less and cloud more.

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