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Silk Announces Appointment of Director of Technical Advocacy to Expand Company Vision

Needham, MA, June 6, 2023 – Silk announces the appointment of Kellyn Gorman as Director of Technical Advocacy. Gorman brings over 20 years of experience architecting and optimizing databases on the cloud and most recently served as a subject matter expert for Oracle on Microsoft Azure and Principal Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft. She is also a well-known and influential figure in the database community and frequently presents at conferences and user groups under her pseudonym of DBAKevlar.

“Kellyn is a well-respected and admired subject matter expert on Oracle and SQL Server in the public cloud and is a wonderful addition to the Silk team,” said Tom O’Neill, International CTO and Product Management Lead, Silk. “I have had the privilege to work with her over the past few years in our partnership with Microsoft Azure. Her expertise will be crucial as Silk continues to accelerate our traction in the market.”

As Director of Technical Advocacy, Gorman will focus on expanding Silk’s vision of faster performance for database-based applications on the public cloud to market. This comes as businesses are accelerating adoption of the public cloud for their most business-critical data to achieve greater agility, elasticity, and speed of innovation.

“One of the reasons I was drawn to Silk was because of its clear vision and strong commitment to innovation and growth. I firmly believe that a well-defined vision serves as a powerful compass, guiding an organization towards success,” said Gorman. “As Silk’s new Director of Technical Advocacy, I am captivated by the ambitious goals set forth and the determination to disrupt the industry with groundbreaking solutions for Oracle, SQL Server and other databases on the cloud.”

To learn more about Gorman’s appointment, read her blog post at https://silk.us/blog/kellyn-gorman-why-i-joined-silk-as-director-of-technical-advocacy/.

About Silk

The Silk Data Virtualization Platform gives demanding workloads up to 10x faster performance in the cloud. Without refactoring, applications can move to the public cloud without compromising on performance or overspending to mitigate risk. Industry leaders in ecommerce, SaaS, FinTech, and Healthcare trust Silk with their business-critical workloads to get the ultra-fast speeds customers demand. Silk is headquartered outside of Boston, MA. To learn more, visit www.silk.us.


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