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Silk Partners with Eviden to Assure the Performance of Business-Critical Applications in the Cloud  

Needham, MA – September 27, 2023 – Silk today announced that it is partnering with Eviden, an Atos business and leader in digital, cloud, big data and security, to deliver a proven approach to migrating and running core on-premises applications in the public cloud.  

Digital transformation projects anchor on delivering improved business functionality and a better end user experience.  With many developer years invested in highly customized business applications, transforming and modernizing can take years, be costly, and jeopardize performance goals.   

The Silk Data Virtualization Platform offers significantly faster performance in the cloud compared to native cloud alone. This makes it ideal for business-critical applications, which run on-premises and leverage Oracle Database or Microsoft SQL Server, to seamlessly move and run in the cloud. Silk enables cloud-compatible applications to run faster and on more efficient resources without the delay, expense, and risk incurred when having to change the application.    

 “Eviden is a leader in helping enterprises design and build their digital future. This partnership enables more customers to preserve the investment they have made in their business-critical applications,” said Chris Buckel, VP of Strategic Partnerships, Silk. “With our partnership, Eviden will enable its customers to accelerate timelines, mitigate risk, and minimize the cost of getting the most challenging on premises applications to the cloud.”   

“Our partnership with Silk enables Eviden to simplify and streamline modernization projects,” said Gerard Kane, Senior Managing Director – SVP, Eviden Americans OneCloud Sales. “With this partnership, Eviden can help customers preserve the investment they have made in on-premises business-critical applications while enabling them to leverage the agility and other benefits of the cloud.”  

About Silk

The Silk Data Virtualization Platform gives demanding workloads up to 10x faster performance in the cloud. Without refactoring, applications can run in the public cloud without compromising on performance or overspending to mitigate risk. Industry leaders in ecommerce, SaaS, FinTech, and healthcare trust Silk with their business-critical workloads to get the ultra-fast speed customers demand. Silk is headquartered outside Boston, MA. To learn more, visit www.silk.us.    


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