Getting Loud on the Cloud
Getting Loud on the Cloud
Ep 1. Do Not PaaS and Go, Do Not Collect $200

Welcome to the inaugural episode of Getting Loud About the Cloud. I am your host, Derek Swanson, Chief Technology Officer at Silk. In this episode, I will cover the pros and cons of using cloud infrastructure aka Platform as a Service (PaaS) providers for your mission-critical applications.

Join us each episode for in-depth discussions across different elements and aspects of the cloud, from the technical to the absurd, with a focus on helping YOU understand the capabilities and limitations of various public cloud offerings. Our goal is to explain how a blend of cloud technology can be effectively married to business outcomes that help you be better prepared to smartly approach and solve your business problems with cloud technologies.

Getting Loud About the Cloud podcast is powered by Silk. With acrobatic cloud flexibility and unshakeable data resiliency, Silk offers the greatest database performance of your life. Silk is rewriting the rules of the cloud to make businesses smarter, faster, and fully prepared for whatever the world has in store for them next.

Discussion Points

  • Podcast and Derek introduction
  • Some things to consider when shopping for a cloud service for your business
  • Green field vs. brown field refactoring
  • The sliding scale of cloud services– the more you use, the more you pay
  • Considering the downsides: cost controls, portability, and outages of your cloud service
  • Examining the cautionary tale of the recent AWS Route 53 failure
  • Risks, limits, and right-sizing – did you know there are built-in limits?
  • Cloud functionality is built for “average” usage, not peak periods
  • The dangers of public-facing cloud services being ‘slow’ vs. ‘down’
  • Can your cloud service support your peak periods? (Black Friday, sales, social events, etc.?)
  • We welcome your suggestions– reach out to Silk for topics for upcoming episodes