Getting Loud on the Cloud
Getting Loud on the Cloud
Ep 5. Clean Up on Aisle "Slow"

Did you know that “cart abandonment” is a whopping 69.5% across all industries?  And that it goes up to 85% on mobile devices?  That is an awful lot of money being left on the table.  Performance issues lead to loss of revenue, exhausting IT departments by constantly putting out fires, and push your customers to leave your site and head over to the competition. There’s a saying in the retail/Ecomm industry, “Slow is the new ‘down’” – customers are more tolerant of your site being completely down, than it being slow or having glitches.

I’m Ori Weizman, Sr. Solutions Architect for Silk, and your host for this episode. My guest today is Keith Lyon, Sr. Solutions Engineer at Blue Triangle.  Keith will walk us through the main reasons that customers abandon websites and shopping carts, and has some valuable advice for companies to ameliorate these issues and benefit their bottom line.

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Discussion Points

  • “Slow is the new “down” for websites – what are some of the reasons people abandon websites when attempting to shop?
    • Performance – doesn’t load, too slow to function
    • Content – blurry, wrong image formats, descriptions are wrong
    • Function – menus, carts, flyouts, hamburger menus don’t work
    • Psychology of user – if cart doesn’t work, they fear personal data is not safe
  • Cart abandonment rates are staggering: 70% across all industries, and 85% on mobile devices!
  • What are some of the crucial points to consider when performance testing?
  • Scalability is big– some retail sites saw 800% increase during covid times
  • Data is extremely critical
  • The GDPR in Europe, and the CCPA in California
  • Relational databases are preferred by retail and eCommerce
  • The metrics of business success and how performance issues affect your business
  • The energy of IT departments is wasted on putting out fires all the time
  • Any advice for non-performance issues?
  • Allocate the necessary resources and time to do it right the first time around!
  • Reach out to Silk for an easy cloud migration solutions
  • We welcome your suggestions– reach out to Silk for topics for upcoming episodes


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