Getting Loud on the Cloud
Ep 6. Attention Shoppers: Please Don't Abandon Your Carts!

In our last episode, we discussed the concept of “slow is the new down” for eCommerce sites.  I’m Derek Swanson, CTO of Silk, and in this episode, I’m going to take you through all the issues (or perceived issues) that can affect your business’s migration to the cloud, and take you through all the ways Silk can prevent or negate the reasons for cloud migration hesitancy.

In this follow-up episode, I’ll share some more staggering statistics about cart and website abandonment. Did you know that if a customer has to wait three seconds or more for your pages to load, they will leave, and many times, never come back?  Price Waterhouse Cooper has gathered some shocking stats about consumer perceptions and behaviors in the eCommerce industry, and you’ll want to hear just how to prevent these customers from leaving your shopping site.  Here’s a hint: Silk can prevent cart abandonment by easily managing your cloud migration, protecting your data, and enabling future upgrades that will increase your speed and efficiency, and lower your costs.

Your host, Derek Swanson, is Chief Technology Officer for Silk.  Derek has over 25 years of experience writing code and building solutions. From his work on Novell networks in the 90s to server virtualization in the 2000s, Derek has the experience and knowledge to guide you through all the ups and downs of the many public cloud services available today.

Join us each episode for in-depth discussions across different elements and aspects of the cloud, from the technical to the absurd, with a focus on helping you understand the capabilities and limitations of various public cloud offerings.  Our goal is to explain how a blend of cloud technology can be effectively married to business outcomes that help you be better prepared to smartly approach and solve your business problems with cloud technologies.

Getting Loud About the Cloud podcast is powered by Silk.  With acrobatic cloud flexibility and unshakeable data resiliency, Silk offers the greatest database performance of your life. Silk is rewriting the rules of the cloud to make businesses smarter, faster, and fully prepared for whatever the world has in store for them next.

Discussion Points

  • Smartphones have brought augmented/virtual reality to shopping – think of Houzz, Warby Parker, and Wayfarer
  • In 2021, ⅔ of customers wanted VR/AR, but only ⅓ of retailers were providing it
  • Next-gen shopping requires increased personalization and bespoke experiences
  • Some of Price Waterhouse Cooper’s statistics
    • 42% of customers would pay more for a more welcoming experience
    • 52% would pay more for faster, reliable service
    • 63% would share more data with companies who gave them a better value shopping experience
  • AI for inventory management– exponential improvements in forecasting, reordering, stock management
  • Most shoppers abandon carts because of extra costs
  • 57% will leave if they have to wait 3 seconds for a page to load
  • 80% of that 57% will NEVER RETURN
  • How can you take advantage of cloud technology?
  • Horizontal vs. vertical scaling
  • 80% of U.S. shoppers say speed and efficiency are the most important factors to their experience
  • Lifting and shifting with Silk
  • A real-world example of a massive online furniture retailer and the success that came with using Silk
  • Reach out to Silk for easy cloud migration solutions
  • We welcome your suggestions– reach out to Silk for topics for upcoming episodes


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